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THANK YOU to everyone at (by Jeffrey Schrembs)

  1. I have been dealing with a very serious, and personal, health issue these past few years (i.e. cancer, throat cancer, papillary thyroid cancer).

    I became a member of so that I could share my opinions, insights, etc. as well as have a "distraction" from all of the drama/pain/side effects/etc. while undergoing medical treatment for my health issues.

    Though my path to recovery is not yet complete I wanted to take this time (as even in this busy world life is truly a blessing so I encourage everyone to; make ammends, tell those you care about how much they mean to you, forgive, ask for forgiveness, and live life while helping your fellow man) to say THANK YOU to everyone at WordPress. You have created a wonderful beneficial site and I am proud to be a member.

    From the individuals who first thought of, and executed, the idea of to those who work for please know that through your efforts/endeavors you have made part of the "online world" honorable and (wholly) unique.

    To those who share their opinons, times, passions on (like me) I also say THANK YOU and please keep up the good/hard work.

    I wish you, individually and collectively, nothing but success/happiness/good health/peace/etc. in all of your endeavors.

    Sincerely, I am

    Jeff Schrembs

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Jeff,

    It is lovely to hear that you are having a good experience with—everyone likes to be appreciated!

    Based on my own experience with both as a blogger and as a volunteer in these forums, I agree that this is a very nice place in the online world.

    But please do not post the same message in multiple forums. Also keep in mind that the technical forums are here so we volunteers (and staff) can answer questions about using the platform.

    The Off Topic forum is available for posting about other topics, such as your post now. And the Showcase Forum is meant for promoting posts on your blog.

    I'd suggest that you might also post your message (outside of the forums) here:

    Accept my best wishes to you!

  3. As someone who has lived and dealt with cancer all her life, I would love to read your blogs, but the site linked to your name is just filled with crap adverts...

    Could you put a link up to the one you are on about please...

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