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  1. listyawidyasari

    OH MY GOD, I made blogs before, but i never found a blog that is much simpler than WORDPRESS. I just want to express, how I LOVE WORDPRESS FOR its simplicity, and its great forums and supports. WordPress respects me! I LOVE WORDPRESS

    now, i always log in to wordpress everyday, and i left my old blogs in other place somwhere i dont even touch it anymore. in wordpress, i feel like home. thank you wordpress

  2. Welcome on board, Sari. N don't 4get 2 join the forum frequently as u might find more n more homie.

  3. Welcome to the wordpress community.... :)

    WordPress Rocks!!!

  4. Please make sure you keep your union dues current.

  5. And never 4get to blogroll any active forum member as you'll gain hit rush soon.

  6. Its seems that the off topic forum is being over run with with female bloggers, lately!
    Thank you wordpress! thank you!

  7. A thank you to the staff-
    It seems they are more active in the forum these days, which is good, but the best thing is that they're express-efficient at removing spam posters! Many thanks.
    I get cranky when I come across spammish stuff, ecspecially the "get-rich secret" and "sun-eater"-BS. And when I get cranky, I am not nice. So thanks, guys. Nuke the spammers!

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