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Thanks for!!

  1. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone at It's probably a little strange but I love my blog and everything that's come about because of it. You've made publishing accessible to people that otherwise would have been left in the dark. That's fantastic!

    Thanks for giving us this!

    Terry & everyone else at

  2. not strange. sending love to is not strange at all. =)

  3. Maybe Sulz should do a "Send some love to" widget instead of :)

  4. i can't make widgets, but you can... =) anyway i think what we do here is proof enough that we have some sort of affection for wp.

  5. I love for providing me with a place for my voice to be heard! It created a blogging monster out of me. :)

  6. defrostindoors

    WordPress rawks! I love the community feeling, the great support, everything about it. It's also created an enormous timesuc--er, labour of love. ;)

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