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Thanks Timetheif!

  1. Hi, I know this isn't really an important topic at all, I know this is a support forum, but I just want to thank Timetheif for all of his help! Wouldn't you say so? Here I also want thank-you's. Personally, I think it's really weird I am doing this. OK, here's the story why I am doing this:

    I thought that Timetheif was doing so much for users, I thought he needed to be thanked. I was gonna put down a thank-you comment on his blog, but he has disabled the comments. I have also noticed that Timetheif has actually solved all of my troubleshooters and sometimes even problems such as disabling comment; (I once disabled comments since I got so much spam and swear words.) And that was that.

  2. What can I say? There's a lot of that going around.

  3. Yep, I've been getting that too. Way off topic posts on my blog in order to promote themselves, i.e. spamming, trolling. I'll not tolerate it.

  4. @dissfunktional

    I dont get why your post needed a link to a contest that Dr Lilster had anyway

  5. For the comments.

  6. The Question Had Been:
    "Can you put links into words? You probably don't get this right now, but here is an example:

    For example, you say "click "here" to get to my poll." Then could you place a link of that page into a word? I've been trying to figure it out for a while; please tell me how if you get it!"


    " Here is a post with the solution: "

    Which is a step-by-step tutorial on how to accomplish "put links into words".

  7. lettershometoyou


    In case you didn't know, you will find a treasure trove of ***easy to follow*** instructions on how to navigate your way through at her blog:

    The trove is in the archives, though she updates too.

    TT isn't a he, btw.

  8. Isnt a he?!?!

  9. Isnt a he?!?!

  10. No, isn't. Never has been.

    Howcum you're 6789 now? You didn't go and give somebody else your password and get locked out, did you?

  11. Nah I just use this account for the administrator roll at friends blog

  12. lettershometoyou

    Ooh, sock puppet potential. Hang on to it.

  13. ???

  14. Sock Puppet is just the name for another identity of yours that you can use to pretend to be two people. Like, 12345 says "I think this post is great" and 6789 says, "Boy howdy is it ever a great post. Wow, 12345, you always find the best stuff!" and so on.

  15. lettershometoyou

    Unfortunately, all too common on forums. Will get you booted out of Wikipedia forever if they find out.

  16. Should get you booted from Digg and so on, but seems to be very popular there.

  17. I swear not to act like a 2 person

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