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Thanks To WordPress!!

  1. There has been alot of bugs and complaining lately on the forums, so I just want to send a big "TY" to the crew at WP. They work hard to keep this thing going, even though it growing by leaps and bounds.

    I have had several small issues lately, and they have responded quickly and pleasantly to all of my requests for help. That type of service is usually not even possible on pay sites, so I am very thankful that they care enough to support a service that's mostly free.

    I don't care if anyone thinks I'm kissing booty. I'm not. I just think praise should be heaped on where it's deserved. :)

  2. Absolutely, but don't forget the regular forum volunteers too!

    TT, Dr Mike, Rain, Sulz etc. :)

  3. Definitely! (and they don't even get paid to do it)

  4. obviously we get tons of fun out of this instead...


  5. Awwww. You're welcome.

  6. You're welcome. :)

  7. I'd like to say thanks to all the regulars too. You're all really great to be so patient with people and honestly.. when I see people posting stuff that's in the FAQ's, I wonder how you stay so patient with the same questions over and over. You guys rock.

    I know that there have been times where reading tips from you folks has saved me from sending a feedback (or pulling out my hair). I still don't think I know as much as you all, but am willing to come here and try help out too.

  8. @fracas
    Thank you for your kind words. I acknowledge that I am not always patient. I am not particularly patient with lazybones. I am short tempered with anyone on the subject of adsense and avdertising. But I am always willing to help those who truly need help and ask for it.

    It's an informal group that we are volunteers constitute, for sure. And anyone can choose to join in or to bow out at any time. Although we all agree that wordpress technology is the best there and that our geeks are the greatest, we may have differing views on policy and we may express frustration with management. In this free world that is our right.

    Be welcome among us. And, know that it is our respect for each other and recognition of one another's skills and knowledge that binds us, not corporate loyalty.

  9. P.s.

    And thank you for upgrading the 2813 Theme. I noticed today that comment avatar is now enabled into the theme. Finally.

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