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    Hi there!
    The blonde strikes again. LOL! :)
    How do I get the little picture to appear next to my comments? I uploaded the “blog icon”, saved my settings, cleaned cache and nothing happened. That was yesterday.
    I went to gravatars and got an account there too, using the same email address I have for my WP blog, I followed the steps and still nothing.
    What am I doing wrong?

    Please help!


    The blog in question is:

    The blog I need help with is



    That’s not YOUR avatar, that is the BLOG’s avatar. Avatars uploaded at Gravatar or on your Profile page (not your blog’s Settings page) take awhile to show up on the forums and around the web, so try again and this time do it from your Profile page. Sometimes has issues.


    Thanks raincoaster! :)

    I did the gravatar yesterday too and so far, nothing…
    But at least I know this is not a WP issue.


    Yay! You’re a genius!
    Thank you!


    still not showing up next to my comments. So far, the only place I can see it is this forum. :(
    What am I doing wrong?



    You’re welcome. Don’t panic if you don’t see it everywhere all at once, it takes a certain amount of time to show up and can show up on the forum first or on the blog.



    How does one change the picture without joining gravatar? The current ones next to my comments I believe are by wordpress but I would love to have a personalized pic.

    Thanks. :)


    raincoaster, you were right! It’s showing everywhere now.

    Hijabfiles, I think you need to join gravatar for that.



    You already are logged in to Gravatar when logged in to In your Profile, click “Change My Gravatar” and follow the instructions here



    Thanks justjennifer! That worked. :D Although when it asked me to choose the rating of my pic, inspite of me clicking on G, it ended up selecting it as X. :S Anyway I can figure out my gravatar’s rating?


    Moderator check out My gravatar doesn’t show up for a particular rating (or site!)

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