the 2006 problem

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    this is not simply a question, but more like a political problem…

    i’ve typed my cute lil fingers bloody to find a good domain name that is actually free. my last attempt was and you know what? yeah right! not free..

    while this is normal by nature… this one and many of my other tries are not used. i am clear about your reasons and it makes totally sense in the most cases.. but this one is a hello word zombie.. standard theme.. inital hello post.. and this since 2006. two-thousand-six.. this is really depressing for me and also a waste of good names that have great potential to host great content. i think its time for you to get rid of this growing problem… just my two cents ;)
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    If the blogger who owns the blog has provided contact information or left comment open you can contact them and if they agree to give you the blog this process can be used to transfer it to you. Otherwise you will have to register another blog URL.

    If you want to purchase a domain name via a domain mapping upgrade you can do that and it will not matter what the underlyining URL is. See >

    The TLD (top level domain) here is and all free hosted blogs are on sub-domains. So why keep barking up this tree when it’s it’s an exercise in futility? I recommend purchasing your own TLD via a domain mapping upgrade.



    Hello timethief,

    thank you very much for you reply.

    i think you missed my point…

    let me explain my missery with the mostlyharmless domain:

    it seems like someone clicked on “create a blog” and leave it around. i think this click was really the last action on this blog, i can even get details of the creator, cause he’d never wrote anything.

    there are comments on the hello world post (funny fact) from
    2007, 2009 and 2010, everyone asked the author for stop “blocking” this domain. the author does’nt react… so i think this subdomain is lost forever, and this is a sad story :(

    so i have to choose between:


    while mostlyharmless staiys empty and catch dust (i think i’ve heard this domain crying at my last visit ;)

    to summarize this: it is depressing to watch beautyfull subdomains rott in the “hello world” chamber.


    Member provides free blogs and hosts them free of charge.
    There is not policy at that compels anyone who registers a blog to use it.
    There is no policy whereby Staff snatch back unused blogs from those who registered the blogs and allow others to register them.
    Staff do not violate their own privacy policy by revealing the email address for the username accounts who registered unused blogs to others who may wish to acquire them.
    If you cannot make contact with the owners of an ususe blogs and have them transfer them to you then you have two other options which I posted above.
    There’s nothing to be gained by continuing this dialog.

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