The 80 recently retired themes still work but can't be move…

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    The 80 recently retired themes still work if you were using them, but can’t be move on your personal site if you were planning to.


    If you have chose one of those 80 theme before they were retire and made your site on wordpres : “”

    Moving your site form “” to “” will lose the theme in the process

    meaning that I can’t transfer the site on “”
    (Note that this site is freshly client approved…)

    Is there anyway to do this?
    Thanks for your help.


    The blog I need help with is


    Actually, you’re half right—none of the themes (retired or otherwise) can be moved to a site hosted outside of If you’re moving to a self-hosted install, you can choose a new one from the free themes from the .org theme repository.

    If you’re unclear on the difference, here’s some information: .com and .org

    Are you trying to move the entire site and rebuild it elsewhere, or do you just need to apply your ‘’ domain name to your existing site? Because that is possible here with a Domain Upgrade.



    Many of the free themes on .com allow you to download the theme to use on a self-hosted .org site. For example, take a look at Stay or Confit. They each have a download link in the right sidebar under the Stats & Info section on the theme detail page. I think this may be something relatively new because I do not remember it when I used previously, but I may have just missed it.


    @steineranalytics, thank you! I’m seeing the link you mentioned on a ton of the themes now.

    Sorry I gave you outdated info, @krishol71, and sorry we don’t have better news about the retired ones.



    One ought to keep in mind the reason that themes are retired. They are retired when they no longer support all features. This platform is on continuous roll-out and we are ahead – not behind the roll out of versions.

    Most of the themes we run here on are also available in the themes directory: We do tend to use modified versions of the themes though to better fit in with, so if you want the identical version to what we run, for Rounded which is a very old theme it can be downloaded from here

    Do keep in mind that mobile use is exploding. There are more who own mobiles than those who own toothbrushes. The future is responsive width themes and post formats – it is not themes like Rounded.

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