The ability to install basic plugins for premium users

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    For users like me, who pay £99 annually for the premium WordPress experience, there really should be the option to add plugins.

    For starters, it really wasn’t clear to me that when I went premium I wouldn’t get the added functionality.

    Secondly, you would have thought that the high yearly charge would cover more than just an url without ‘wordpress’ in it.

    Thirdly, for the vast majority of users, going to a completely self-hosted environment is just not a viable option. I couldn’t code to save my life. I like the use of my purchased theme as well thank you very much.

    Here I was, paying a high yearly charge, thinking that I would be able to do something so basic.

    At least make the option of installing plugins an additional add-on to the already high ‘premium’ cost.

    All I wanted to do was add the Disqus commenting system to replace the comparatively insufficient WordPress commenting system.

    A Disqus plugin would be nice.

    The blog I need help with is



    The ability to install plugins IS available with a paid upgrade: the $30,000 per year VIP program. And it costs $6000 a plugin.

    At, every upgrade or bundle applies only specifically to what it says it does. It’s up to the blogger to do the research and know, for example, that changing a URL isn’t the same as changing your hosting.

    If you want to install plugins, you need independent hosting and software from You don’t need to know how to code. And you will pay $120 a year and up for hosting.



    If you’re not going to help then there is no point commenting on this thread.

    As I already said in the comment above: it is not a viable option for me to get it self-hosted.

    This is the ideas section of the WordPress forum. My idea/wish is for there to be the option of installing plugins like the Disqus commenting system. I typed exactly what I meant.

    There is no crime in suggesting this idea, especially when a lot of people want the same thing.



    You said it wasn’t a viable option because you don’t know how to code. I don’t either, but I have several self-hosted blogs. It’s really not that difficult. But as I pointed out, it IS more expensive than $99 a year.

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