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The ads have disappeared !?

  1. i have the same problem. Can you help Jon?

  2. matteomazzali and livefudbal - I emailed you.

  3. Still no ads on my site. Is the problem solved yet?

  4. @jonburke

    same here, ads have disappeared. Please check when you are available,


  5. yeomanseiko and jhehe007 I emailed you as well.

  6. My blog contains ads for past two or tree days but don't know if they belong to WordAds.

    Please check

  7. MojaTv - I always see ads on your site from the US. It really depends on which country you are viewing your site from. Do you want to email me a screen grab to [email redacted]? You should see About These Ads with a link to above the ads.

  8. Oh, okay. I'm from Croatia.
    I see About these ads above ads. I will sent you a screencap right now.

    Thank you.

  9. Hi, the error code has just been dissappeared, but still no ads arise on my blog. Only "About the ads" link appears on top of the space allocated for the ads but it is empty.

    Is it a problem specific to Turkey?

    When may it be fixed?


  10. Hi @volkanabur, I can see ads on your blog, including About the ads link and videoads. Can you see ads on my blog?

  11. koopatroopafantasy

    I am also having this same problem. My ads would rarely display in November and have not displayed once since December 1st. My Blog:

  12. koopatroopafantasy - ads are running on your site. Do you want to send a screen-grab to [email redacted]? Thanks, Jon

  13. Hi jonburke can you check if ads on mine is running in US as well, in NZ its not showing. Here is my blog

  14. movitabeaucoup

    No ads on my blog - same issues that others seem to be having! Anything I should do?


  15. No ads in my blog as well.

  16. Janhutchings - I see an ad for Safari Imaginaire Samsung Galaxy Note II on your home page. It's below this line "Read our full Primordia review after the break. READ THE REST OF THIS ENTRY →" From another blogger.

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