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The Advanced Alien Super-Specie Assay : the Dream Prison , an ongoing nightmare

  1. The Advanced Alien Super-Specie Assay : the Dream Prison

    In the ancient Chinese book “ The Art of War “ as well as in the modern philosophy of the Elite there is a statement saying “ The best way to enslave beings is not to make them aware they are enslaved “ .
    And that’s exactly what we , humans , seem to be at the present time , a situation similar to the movie the Matrix but real .

    You will never dream the same after reading this , I know it first hand , weakup with this scientific assay found at the end of the web page where the Recipe is posted , a third of your life is at stake and much more :

    Please share your dreams too .

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Personally i am a firm believer in determinism,over feel will.Everything from the clothes we wear to who we become,to choices we make and influences we have in our lives,all come down to a series of factors,such as where we are born,where we live geographically etc.We arent as individual as we think we are.
    The thought that we are the only planet with"intellegent" life,is also all down to the universe and determinism,our position from the sun,and mathematical probability that this planet was able to support ecological environments,which lead to our creation,through evolution.
    Who is to say there isnt other influences in our daily lives?and who can say that those factors arent due to the influence of "other life".
    In the entirety of the universe,we need to see the bigger picture,we shouldnt be so confident to assume we know everything there is to know,break through in science and discoveries,are a daily occurance.We are at this moment,simply gathering information,we simply do not know.
    If i were too this second take into consideration,religion,world religions,all of those holy books,have some form "Beyond their ability",at the time period,technologies,some of which we still use today in modern life.How did they know?where they visited?Did the stargazing of our ancestors,reveal clues of what is too come in modern times?Did men such as Nostradamus,through alchemy and earth sciences,indeed reveal a common thread,a connection mapped in the stars,which lead him to some significant understanding our place in the "grand scheme" since the birth of the universe?
    Perhaps we,among other universe and solar systems beyond our reach,are being influenced,by those every beings who were there since the Big bang,who are the oldest beings in our universe,who have a predetermined plan for the human race.
    We are barely infants in the earth,time as we perceive it is terms of plants and suns,we as a race are a grain of sand in the hourglass of time,past present and future.
    We may not be enslaved,but we may not know all the facts,we may not know just what is ahead of us,we simply cant understand how we will evolve of if we will be here in hundreds,thousands,or indeed millions of years time.Perhaps we are due to evolve,as a race.

  3. ... but did you read the Recipe ? , future shocking !

    And if you like physics than you'll have a treat with the Unifying Properties of Nature , found !
    Enjot and pass it along to friends and strangers ...

  4. No better time than now to check the scientific sites and see the emergence of the Super Fluid concept as an unescapable conclusion ... just as the roads of logic pointed to in the Unifying Properties of Nature ( found at the end of the Recipe ) .

    Find it all at the Recipe : , future shocking !

  5. ... luckily there is a very simple test to confirm our paranoia : when you go to sleep tonite , try Hard to control your dreams ... Will you get worried enough to turn the light back on ?

    I did , than fought it and partially won .
    Fantasy ? Find your self tonite , try Very Hard to control your dreams ... than don't be shy to come back here and find what I did , me , a techi who doesn't like fantasies . , future shocking .

    - find all 3 essays there as well the main story , the Recipe -

  6. I understand , a corky title involving Aliens and so on ...
    However , this is a case where you can prove to yourself the issue raised here , all you have to do is go to bed , close your eyes and try Hard to control your dreams and the images that pop in your mind like from nowhere .
    It's OK if you panic a little , that feel will add strenght to your desire to investigate and read the essay found at :

  7. ... a perfect weekend to ponder and experiment :

    " ... In the current study, six subjects and the field director lived in temporal isolation in a completely natural environment with constant daylight (a high Arctic research camp) for six weeks. Detailed daily sleep logs were kept. In keeping with past findings, five of the six subjects developed a free-running sleep-wake cycle longer than 24 hours. Unlike past results, the isolated subjects did not exhibit any synchronicity in their rhythins. There was a high degree of intersubject variability in circadian patterns. The findings have important implications for the comparison of the results of laboratory and field investigations of sleep-wake cycles...."

    ... that's all ? No DNA based investigation ? That's why I said in the Recipe - above - we need a Daniel ...

  8. ... did you try it yet ?

    " This test will produce a chart showing your natural sleeping and waking pattern over a 24 hour period. If you're having problems sleeping it could be your natural body clock is at odds with your routine. " .

    But at the end only one Reality will matter : you still can't control your dreams ...
    Please let me help you ... and in the process understand how the Universe works without using math ...

  9. ... and please , later check-out the Elections and reveal your own political Platform .
    Let me put it this way , if a Daniel gets elected then you can rest assured the Dream investigation will be started ...

  10. This is a time of unparalleled international upheaval, and as a result of the present technology, we live within the understating paradox of a fortified agreement reality.
    In truth, when base-level fluidic undercurrents are understood to be merely the atomic "water of life" we as Creator Conciousness drink of daily, we realize that there can be no aspects of this creation we are ever actually apart from, as we truly dwell in the midst of an interdimensional tapestry. Relatively demands each of us are in full control as observers, of the entirety of our space time perspective, and therefore reality. We as beings accept the influence of the sub atomic vibrations around us, and translate them according to our allowed biological-perceptual limitations, however we have within us the potential for fully exerting control of the totality of energies beyond baseline perceptions, and it is shown to us time and time again by philosopher, savior, and prophet alike, that to realize the artificiaity of the present consciousness, and abstinence from its weight upon ourselves by acceptance of higher truths, is a direct path to accessing even the slightest glimpses of true-being beyond the instinctual limits of our current biological modalities.

    " Be still and know that I AM God."

    We are still within the Garden, still at the feet of limitless hosts, and the entirety of time is our domain, yet it is the ignorance of the current vessel, and the desires of this vessel, that burn as fire before our every waking instant, and keep us from the true infinity of Life within.

    Thank you for your time and your consideration of a higher truth.

    J. D. Hughes

    A Toast At The Feast, To Modern Models And Passing Lives In The Chains Of Time

  11. Hi JDHughes , your comment " We are still within the Garden, still at the feet of limitless hosts, and the entirety of time is our domain, yet it is the ignorance of the current vessel, and the desires of this vessel, that burn as fire before our every waking instant, and keep us from the true infinity of Life within. " holds a lot of truth .

    And no better way to verify your comment than checking the number of eligible voters showing at the voting stations . Less than 50 % !!!!!

    Indeed , the vessel fires of Sports , chip entertainment and Distraction plenty provided by the Government are burning hot enough to obscure the Recipe ...
    But not to the Super Specie inj the essay .

  12. The essay can be found at the end of the Recipe web site :

    On that site it's the blue-print of a specie mature enough to understand that you are what your DNA is and there is no room for an 'Elie' in the equation .
    It also points to the dangers that presently and potentialy exit and the solutions to survive it .
    Here is the clincher : the Recipe is universal and valid for any intelligent specie in any galaxy , that powerful the formula is . Spread it so we can get toghether and achive what is described .

  13. Now , more than ever , we need to Wake up to phenomenons that we used to take for granted .
    Here it`s a guide in case you are having unpleasant dreams or even dreaming at all , there is a cure , we just have to Press to get it . See the essay at the end of the Recipe web site :

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