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The Art of Noticing - Happiness and Healing by Connecting With Nature.

  1. Has anyone else ever experienced this complete synthesis with nature? Has anyone else discovered a hidden talent through the creation of a new blog post?

    I need my walks in nature, and crave those special places that make me feel happy and whole. I've never been a picture-taker, but recently felt compelled to purchase a modest digital camera to experiment with. At first, it felt strange to stop and take photos during my cherished walk; unsettling, as though it was wrenching me out of the present moment, and distracting me from the meditative act of movement. After awhile, I started to get into it, however, experimenting with different angles and camera settings. When I looked at the pics afterward, I was pleasantly surprised. Maybe I had discovered a hidden talent that I could nurture here?

    The next challenge: How to merge words with image, and create a story around the photos that I could post? I've always been passionate about words and story, and the previous 4 posts had stemmed from written stories, the images sprinkled throughout used primarily to illustrate and support the words. This time it was the other way around, and that, too, felt unsettling.

    I went back to my journals, highlighted the phrases that resonated most for me; the ones I wrote following previous walks in Steveston. It felt as though it was all starting to come together, and I was glad I didn't give up entirely (as I had considered doing a few times).

    I was discovering a new method of storytelling, and starting to like it! With this last post, I'm reminded that, as with any creative endeavour, all I need do is wait until a feeling presents itself, a nudge in a certain direction, and be bold and hopeful enough to follow the golden thread wherever it may lead. Images have a different energy to them, and the blend of word and image in the telling of story has an entirely new and exciting essence altogether.

    I want to be open to the next sacred story - the next post - revealing itself to me. I want to listen, allowing it to tell me how it wants to be told. Just because this is a digital realm, changeable, transient, does not mean one should enter into this space lightly. Stories, no matter how they present themselves (or where) will always have the ability to transform. Although I am new to this blog game, I am attempting to approach each new story as though I were entering into a sacred realm, etching the very words into stone, or writing each line on an ancient parchment by candlelight, painstakingly composing each sentence, each turn of phrase.

    I wonder if this passion for story, this act of noticing, translates to the reader? I wonder if they feel it too . . .

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I love this! So close to what I've been experiencing lately. I'm not one for shameless plugging, but I'd like to share my latest post with you, it's a similar train of thought about appreciating nature and other things of beauty, and taking inspiration from the smallest things. I've bookmarked your blog to peek at when I've a bit more time :) Looking forward to reading your work.

  3. Thanks . . . looked at your blog and your writing is lovely and poetic! I say, go ahead and plug away! After all that effort to create beautiful posts, it feels good to know others are reading them; sort of a full-circle kinda thing.

  4. I think the 'full circle' as you put it is vital for us bloggers so we can learn from each other. I feel a learn a lot from other people's words and stories - we're a fascinating species and I believe that sense of community and support is vital for us to grow. It's all about exploration (for me, anyway). Thanks and great blog!

  5. This hits home for me. I find such solace in nature and it is one of the few things that allows me to fill inner peace when I connect with it.

  6. This hits home for me. I find such solace in nature and it is one of the few things that allows me to fill inner peace when I connect with it.

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