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The Background Story

  1. The letters you write but never send, the pages you tear that no one has read,
    the words you say under your breath, the lives you lead inside your head …

    You will find them all here.

    We write the stories you will never tell.

    The Background Story is a photo-and-caption blog that showcases an image and couple of lines of prosetry (poetry in prose form). The lines are short so you can read them in less than i minute. But their effects may last much longer than that ... or so we hope. :)

    We produce all the content. We're a team of two writers and photographers who also happen to be friends.

    We update daily. Eventually, we'll settle on an every-other-day update schedule, but rest assured that we will always have fresh content.

    Come take a look. You may like what you see.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Today's post:

    If this is a dream ...

  3. Took a visit to your blog and really liked it. What an interesting concept!

  4. I agree. Very nice! Thought provoking lines.

  5. Thank you! Please feel free to visit anytime. I'll check out your blogs later. :)

    Today's post:

    You catch falling stars for three nights and make your wish. ...

  6. I really love your blog, thanks for sharing!

  7. annefreemanimages

    Nice job- nice idea. Like the photos.


  8. Today's post:

    I am just a tangent ...

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