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The Banking Swindle


    This site is an accurate historical perspective on the criminal and fraudulent banking industry. From Christ's time to today, an in-depth look at the debt swindle.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. invisiblemikey

    Leapin' lizards, Jack! It's pretty interesting stuff, but who exactly do you think is going to hang in there for what looks like a hundred pages of text? (I read about 25%, until my head started hurting.)

    Break the chapters down into separate posts, man. People have lives to live.

  3. OMG, there must be about 20 posts there , Mikey is right.

  4. Holy lizard leotards Batfink!

    Yes, it's a detailed account about the banking swindle. Read what you can and get back to it later!

    Thanks for your comments!

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