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The Banning Game

  1. Ok - so in your post say why you would ban the person who posted before you.....

    I can’t start but here are some examples

    *(person aboves name) banned for posting in this tread.*


    *(person aboves name) banned for using wordpress.*

    No really banning though. Just game... Let’s get started.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. freddiemaize banned for having opposeable thumbs.

  3. Raincoaster banned for being a coaster made out of rain.

  4. wbrinegar is banned for not smoking Marlboro Light 100's.

  5. diamondfistwerny is banned for having a nose right in the middle of his face.

  6. raincoaster banned for having a bunfight on twitter

  7. letters banned for never sending me one

  8. douglaskev banned for cheating at Scrabble

  9. foodhere banned for spilling the milk

  10. aw1923 banned for not being born in 1923.

  11. raincoaster banned for being as old as Methuselah!

  12. Mehitabela banned for having more syllables in your name then Methuselah (man, I could really get to like this game!)

  13. foodhere is banned for that thing...that thing we all saw him do when he though the webcam was turned off. Ewwwww!

  14. raincoaster banned for actually watching foodhere do that thing he did when he thought the webcam was off.

  15. aw1923 banned for continuing to speak of an apparently unspeakable...thing!

  16. mehitabela banned for having a sepia-toned avatar

  17. lettershometoyou banned for not sending a letter home to ME!

  18. sulz should be banned for those freaky lips

    what the hell have you been eating?

  19. penneddragon banned for asking a stupid question.

    c'mon, we all know she ate skittles :)

  20. lol.

    aw1923 banned for looking so haughty in her avatar. c'mon, smile! :)

  21. sulz is banned for not answering the question.

  22. raincoaster banned for life for having a freaky eye avatar. ya trying to rival the eye in lord of the rings??

  23. sulz banned for referencing Lord of the Rings

  24. aw banned for the same reason.

  25. raincoaster banned for being to hot

  26. magicalmuse13 banned for hitting on a freaky eye avatar

  27. magicalmuse13 banned because it's Sunday.

  28. aw is banned for getting there first.

  29. raincoaster is banned because the tweeter posts made me laugh so hard I snorted soda up my nose.

  30. mehitabela is banned because soda doesn't belong up your nose

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