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The Banning Game

  1. rosefury is banned for not saying why I'm banned.

  2. flyweel is banned 4 think'n that i didn't ban her b4. hello i just did.

  3. Well, rosefury is banned for posting why I'm bad a millisecond before I did!

  4. *bad=banned

  5. christiangrblr

    flyweel and rosefury is banned for obsessing over this thread

  6. christiangrblr is banned for banning two people at the same time.

  7. christiangrblr

    Flyweel is banned for not thinking outside the box

  8. christiangrblr is banned for getting sucked into this addicting thread like us.

  9. rosefury banned for getting addicted themself in this thread and
    pointing christiangrblr:p

  10. FREDDY! yu still here????


  11. gentledove banned for missing my thread all these days..

    and once again banned for banning my butt.. :p.. did you mean it? *-)

    Yes.. I'm still around :D

  12. Freddie hi,
    banned for not realising I am pleased to see you
    you bet your pretty little hide I meant it [spoken with John Wayne accent]

  13. Gentledove is BANNED for being caring and gentle to Freddie

  14. webmistress27 is banned for taking the swag on the blogosphere where the corporate world would like to break through.

  15. christiangrblr

    hibicusjaune you are banned because I had to look up like half of the words you just typed

  16. christiangrblr is banned for not posting Killin' Cargo like he was supposed to.

  17. christiangrblr

    Flyweel is banned for obsessing over the death of snails

  18. christiangrblr is banned for saying he wasn't going to post for a few more days and then going and posting the next day. One word; Commitment. ;-)

  19. flyweel banned for I did not understand what gentledove meant :p

    I was also happy when i saw you.. back after a very long time :)

  20. freddiemaize is banned because I have the authority to say so ;]

  21. nicstarr is banned for taking me for granted.

  22. cindyashleymiller

    freddiemaize banned...for giving meee the finger...+3.

  23. cindyashleymiller is banned because the unicorn said so

  24. nicstarr is banned because unicorns don't exist

  25. breanacarrier is banned for not believing.

  26. flyweel is banned because that's a matter of opinion.

  27. noignorance banned since opinions might differ from facts

  28. I'm banning myself since no one bothered to ban me.. :(

  29. Freddiemaize is banned for just the sort of defeatist talk we don't tolerate around here.

  30. luridtalesofdoom is banned for generalizing that the entire blogging world doesn't tolerate defeatist talk...

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