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The Banning Game

  1. thestorygurl banned for misspelling girl.

  2. Cheering4u banned for being so cheerful.

  3. realestatesigns banned for being in real estate.

  4. nylusmilk banned for feeling jealous of realestatesigns's real estate

  5. freddiemaize is BANNED for butting in other peoples business

  6. webmistress27 banned for making me feel bad

  7. Freddie banned playing this game without me.

  8. willowbatel is BANNED because I dont know what your gravatar is

  9. webmistress27 is banned because it is a Monday

  10. nicstarr banned becuase it was Monday then

  11. Freddiemaize is BANNED for banning Nicstarr

  12. webmistress27 banned for banning me with a lame reason...

  13. silvershadowfly

    Freddiemaize is banned for using a much more terrible and lame reason for banning webmistress27

  14. luridtalesofdoom

    silvershadowfly is banned for being ironic.

  15. luridtalesofdoom is banned because his blog isnt as lurid as mine.

  16. themischief is band because HIS blog isn't as awesome as mine.

  17. rglee98 bannad for spelling banned worngly :D

  18. Darn it!

    Freddiemaize is also banned for spelling banned wrong.

  19. rglee98 banned because he think he found something ^_^

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