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The bar of pages at the top of my blog is cluttering up messily. How do I fix?


    The bar of pages at the top of my blog is cluttering up messily. See for yourself. How do I fix this?

  2. The theme you are using does not react well when the menu goes to a second line. Create a custom menu and then organize you menu items using submenus to limit the number of top level menu items in the navigation.

  3. thanks for your suggestion, but I want the pages at the top. Oh well, I'll find change my theme.

  4. Also, go to settings > reading in your dashboard and set your site to show at most 5 posts on a page. I waited for your site to load for over 3 minutes on my wireless internet connection and finally just cancelled out.

    Search engines take page loading times into account when calculating search engine ranking and you are risking having your site thrown into the search engine basement since it loads so slowly.

  5. You are welcome and in that case, changing themes is your only choice then.

  6. I just tested the page loading time for your site at pingdom and it will not even check the site because the total size of all the stuff on your main page exceeds its limits. In 3 years of using pingdom to check sites, yours is 1 of only 3 that have choked pingdom.

  7. I'm sorry! I will change it as soon as I finish re-customizing my blog page!

  8. Is it better now? Please check.

  9. Yes it is better, but I suggest that you optimize your header and your background images. Both are over 470k in file size and you need to get those down under 150k.

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