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The Best Blog I've seen and recommend to all

  1. I recently stumbled upon:

    He reviews the latest movies and some of his reviews are simply outstanding. I really recommend that you visit his page and comment on his reviews. They really are somewhat remarkable.


  2. Nobody will catch on. Very clever.

  3. I know what you're implying but that is just completely not the case. If you had researched just a little bit before you wrote that frankly rude comment, you would have seen that I have written posts similar to this many times before, for different bloggers that I believe deserve some praise. So, grow up and stop assuming the worst in people, its the worst characteristic to possess, and you carry it, and even dare to publisize your ill-mannered thoughts. What a joke.

  4. 1. That post above reads just like comment spam. Which makes it forum spam.

    2. I can google complete sentences from your blog and - surprise surprise - they appear to have been written by reputable sites.

    3. The blog is hotlinking to Google images. I'm sure they won't notice but I did and hotlinking is bandwidth theft.

    so...1 + 2 + 3 = bye bye blog.

  5. Is it copied? My bad..than I recommend whoever's thoughts they really are! lol, my bad. Sorry guys. I had no idea they copied it.

  6. Here's my research, sweetie. Did I tell you I used to be a professional researcher?

  7. Raincoaster, I am enjoying your new technique of addressing all idiots on the forum as 'sweetie'.

  8. Go ahead and steal it. I've found no other word drives people insane to the same extent. Also, I've had a snootful of mint juleps today.

  9. dissfunktional

    thatbloggingguy is another of it's user names. But to keep this thread on the humor side (this is some serious sit-down comedy ~ kudos!) I offer some diss-never-a-professional-at-research-but-damn-it's-fun:

    In Sanji's thread "Promote an outstanding blog post by someone else "

    thatbloggingguy Member April 20th, 2008 at 8:36 pm
    Hey, my name is John, and I am on my friends account. He's looking for people to see his review of Semi-Pro and thought this would be a nice platform to attract some people to his site.
    His site is: http

    That was after this forum post:

    thatbloggingguy Member Posted: Sunday, April 20th, 2008 at 6:48 pm

    Hey, I am new to this blogging business, in fact, just posted my first blog today. I reviewed the film Semi-Pro.


    Check it out (don't worry, its a short review) and comment on what you think about my review.

  10. dissfunktional


  11. dissfunktional


  12. dissfunktional

    oh for double gosh posting sakes.

  13. How much bourbon have YOU had?

  14. dissfunktional

    nunya ;)

  15. See, I'm waiting till I've reached critical mass, then I'll click to kstaff's blog. I don't know who won the Derby or any details and I figure I can relive it at any point I want, thanks to YouTube and kstaff.

  16. dissfunktional

    if you weren't tipping the bottle before the race, you sure will after it.

  17. Damn straight. I think I need another damn bottle. Jesus.

  18. Rain... I've found that 'pumpkin' works well too.

  19. Raincoaster: "Did I tell you I used to be a professional researcher?"

    I am envious! Will you write about it in a post one day? Maybe tips/hints. Just asking.

    Very cool!

  20. Twisted by Jessica Zafra

    Sidetrip by Howie Severino

    By the way, these two are topnotch Filipinos in their respective fields. Ms. Zafra is a columnist for a national broadsheet while Mr. Severino is a documentarist for one of the biggest TV networks.

  21. angus, you want to put that in the Pimp My Blog thread at the top of the forum in the stickies.

    thebeadden, it was very dull. Lots of "go to the library" and "wait for callback" things. Web research is more fun.

  22. Thanks, Raincoaster. I was thinking after I posted, that it doesn't look like you get much get spare time and I shouldn't have asked. But I still think it would have been exciting, even before the internet.

  23. You'd think so, but you'd be wrong. It's like blogging for a living: it sounds MUCH more exciting than it actually is.

  24. lettershometoyou

    Yeah, you can't bitch about the boss or gossip about colleagues or call in sick like the rest of us - unless you put it on your blog, which would get you fired.

  25. I have actually done that. The secret is to have so many the boss can't read them all, kinda like the shell game.

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