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The best way to merge my two blogs?

  1. patrickandjessica

    I was indecisive and started a second blog that was similar to my first blog (just on a more narrow topic). Now that I've been trying to manage both blogs, I'm wish I just had one where I could write about all topics. What is the best way for me to merge my blogs? My first blog was more established (gets more traffic), but I like the name of my second blog better. Is it better for me to transfer the posts from new new blog back to the old one, or to transfer all my old content to the new blog? Thanks in advance for any advice you have!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Export one and import it into the blog you want to keep - since you are getting good traffic then you probably want to set the posts on the blog you are moving from to private or password protect or delete them (search engines hate duplicate content) - then leave a message on the site you are leaving that says " I have moved to here - URL" with a link that can be clicked on. I don't think that WordPress.COM has the ability to redirect from one blog to the other - so you are stuck with the leave a note -

  3. The top section give you more info:

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