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The blog articles that I LINK and PING won't show up!

  1. Hello

    I would just love to get my blog articles shown on different sites (like when I link to their articles, but they don't appear. I use Chrome so I added the extension that WordPress recommend for Chrome-users, but my articles are still not shown when I ping them, despite having linked to the article on the site properly. I also try Twingly.

    I also added "Feedburner" in case that would help, but my articles are still not shown when I ping them.

    One big blog site where I would love to find my blog articles (as RSS) is My blog is there but none of my articles are shown in the feed.

    For example I tried to ping this article, but it never showed up among the website article's pinged blogs which linked to that article:

    Please advise what settings I should change!

    Thanks in advance


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Perhaps they think you're over-pinging, and have blocked your or categorized your pings as spam.

  3. Hmm, well, when I tried my new settings I did ping various articles a few times. Maybe 5 instead of 1. I also contacted Twingly and asked if they had a solution to the problem.

  4. neither site seems to be WordPress anything - so maybe they don't have the ability to do ping backs - or maybe they just don't want to ping back to your site

  5. They DO have the ability to list all those Blogs who choose to link to them. I've managed to do this before but I must have changed my settings in some way, because now my Blog won't show up, but other Blogs do show up. I also try to use Twingly, and they won't boycott certain articles for no reason.

  6. If they aren't hosted by WordPress, we can't help you fix how they work. But I think I see a clue: your name does not link to your blog, and your blog link did not show up automatically. That only happens with blogs that have been classified as Adult, and if you've been classified as a Mature blog, it's very likely that your blog does not send out pingbacks at all. You will have to decide if it's worth continuing to include that sort of material if it's going to get you excluded from tag pages and pingbacks.

  7. Oh, THEY don't need any help and they have no errors on their sites. I on the other hand have errors on my WordPress-Blog.

    You said "your name does not link to your blog, and your blog link did not show up automatically"

    That my blog links do not show up automatically is a problem that I would like to get solved. Not sure what you mean with my name? (The name of the blog is Bjorkbloggen).

    I have no mature content on my blog, which incidentally is all about the Bible.

  8. Then you need to contact staff, because your blog has indeed been set as Mature.

  9. Wow! I had no idea! I wonder how that can have happened since I only write about Bible topics. I wish WordPress would have informed me.
    I am now searching on that link you recommended above to see where I can report this to the staff. That is tricky enough but I'm sure I will find how to proceed after having read for a while. WordPress is not making it easy....

  10. I've been reported and set as Mature twice (once just a few weeks ago) and staff are used to reviewing the decision and sometimes changing it. Hang in there and go through the steps just as they are laid out there.

  11. I'm still searching to see exactly where I can find staff to help me with my blog. So far I've only found this particular forum.

    It's easy to report blogs, but where does one find a good way to contact staff if a blog is labelled "mature" incorrectly?

    I'm still looking....

  12. Oh god, they used to have a contact link on that article. I'll flag this thread for staff attention then. Seems to be the only way.

  13. thanks for your help :)

  14. Your blog isn't marked as mature. Perhaps you can try to contact support and ask why it's not possible for you to link articles on their platform.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!

  15. This morning I was contacted by WP-staff who told me that my Blog is not marked as Mature "any more", which means it has been (so you probably checked my blog after that).

    I wonder how one knows if a Blog is marked as mature, in case this happens again?

  16. Like I said, your name did not link to your blog AND in the first post, the blog link didn't show up at the bottom as automatically happens if it's not Mature. That's how I knew.

    Someone in the meantime reviewed and un-Matured your blog.

  17. You've been a big help and I'm glad that my Blog is no more "Mature" (I still don't understand where you say that my name does not link to my site) but I've discovered another thing....

    Apparently it wasn't the "mature" label that prevented me from pinging my blog articles successfully, because today I made another article which didn't show up where I pinged it. And it's not a problem on that site ( which is a newspaper) because other blog articles can successfully ping their articles + I have problems to ping my articles wherever I try it.

    So I'm back to square 1. I would LOOOVE to ping my blog articles successfully but I'm unable to. I'm certain of that it must be one of my settings. Maybe the plug-in that WordPress recommend is too old? Maybe it doesn't work together with other plug-ins? I have no idea....I suppose I would have to skip Chrome and use Internet Explorer, but it's a shame.

  18. I suppose I would have to skip Chrome and use Internet Explorer, but it's a shame.

    Does it work well in Internet Explorer? Otherwise please try to contact support to see if they can help you to determine the issue from their end.

  19. I just assume it will work with Internet Explorer since Chrome is well known for having issues with feeds. But maybe it won't work there either.

    Dagen/Blogportalen are just examples of sites which I can't ping my blogs at. The truth is that I'm not able to ping my blog anywhere, so this means they can't help me since they don't have any issues. Loads of bloggers ping their blogs successfully on mentioned sites so the problem is on my end. I did notify Twingly, and they informed me that they are not able to help me with my settings, which is rather understandable.

    If WordPress can't help me, then I will try to see if I can find support on Chrome...

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