The blog Politiskt Inkorrekt…..again!

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    In december 2009 WordPress locked the blog Politiskt Inkorrekt from their authors. Now, once again, for no obvoius reason, WordPress locked the authors of Sweden´s most popular political news blog Politiskt Inkorrekt from updating and adding new posts. The reason seems to be the exact one as the last time: “Warning: We have a concern about some of the content on your blog. Please click here to contact us as soon as possible to resolve the issue and re-enable posting.” After mailing back to WordPress the answer was this: he blog is currently being investigated for allegations of breaches of privacy and incitement to violence.

    Fair enough, the last lock waa cancelled and Mark from the support wrote in this thread that it was a genuine mistake to lock the blog and said it was nothing wrong whatsoever with that blog.

    No significant changes has been made to the content since that, yet the blog is now locked again. What is going on here? The blog has tens of thousands of visitors every day and is highly appreciated around the whole of Scandinavia. Why this inconsistency?

    The blog I need help with is



    Well I can tell you that I went to the thread you provided here and clicked on the link for your blog and well I can read it’s contents so your readers aren’t being blocked out. Sorry I can’t help you anymore than that, other than to tell you that support are the only one’s that can do anything for you. The volunteers here in the forums are your fellow bloggers so we have no more power over things like this than you.



    I can also read the blog. Also I know that Volunteers answering forum questions cannot help you. We do not have any backend access to blogs and cannot apply any technical fixes. Only Staff can and that’s why I wonder why you have posted this here. Please contact Staff



    Appreciate your feedback! Yes, the blog is readable, comments can be added, but no new articles can be added and no old articles can be edited. It´s a pain, because this is the most visited blog of its kind in Scandinavia and according to support people the last time this occured there´s nothing wrong with the content!

    i am pretty sure that this has political reasons. Someone has reported the blog only because he/she does not agree with the content, not because the content are in any way offensive or breaking any WordPress rules.



    This is not a matter for the forum. We Volunteers cannot help yo or anyone else with such issues. Please say what you have to say to Staff directly to Staff. And, thank you in advance, for your cooperation.



    Hmmmm, last time this occured someone from the staff (Mark) answered the question here and obviously could help, thats why i wrote it here.

    I´ll contact staff instead, thanks for your input.


    WordPress, what are you thinking of?!!

    This is probably the biggest blog in all of Scandinavia and the rest of the Nordic countries. Please respond to the email you recieved from the authors of “Politiskt Inkorrekt”. The alarm bells are ringing in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Island, Greenland, The Faroe Islands and the Swedish speaking parts of Finland.

    We read and understand each others languages. And blogs.

    Hurry up, please!


    Iceland. Sorry.



    Mark is Staff. He is the head of support Staff. :)


    Thanks timethief. :-)



    He’s in the UK and the timezone factor is 8 hours difference. It’s almost midnight for him and his family now.


    Ok, a little bad news there. We’ll just have to wait for an explanation, then. Thanks again, tt…



    I’m gathering information and will respond to your ticket asap.



    Thanks for information, timethief and tellyworth. As universalgeni said, we just have to wait.

    But….it sure would be nice to get an explanation about the inconsistency in the treatment of this blog. Two months after the lock was removed the last time and with Mark clearly stating that it was a mistake to lock it down in the first place and that it was nothing wrong with the blog, same thing happens again…..Oh well, i guess it´s a totally different issue…..



    Have you removed the comment where you posted the name address and phone number of someone and then encouraged others to do things?

    If you are that bothered about what happens when you break our rules then there are other hosts.

    Posting here for sympathy will get you now.

    This has been the last time you break our rules. You should know them by now.
    I strongly suggest you find somewhere else to blog.



    Mark, i have nothing to do with the administration of that blog, so please refrain from being rude, OK?


    I’m sorry. I do not support that sort of thing. I had no idea. I can only say that this isn’t like them at the blog Politiskt Inkorrekt.

    At least they’ve pinned a post about this issue on the blog. The bloggers too distance themselves from that comment.

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