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The blue WordPress bar has disappeared from my blog...

  1. As in, when I used to be able to post on my blog simply by going onto my blog and clicking "New Post" at the top, that option no longer exists as that blue bar has inexplicably disappeared. Now I have to go to in order to post, which is definitely more of a hassle. Why was the bar removed?

  2. EDIT:....

    nvm just re-appeared as randomly as it vanished, odd.

  3. Mine is gone now.

  4. There is nothing anyone on the forum can ever do when it comes to disappearing admin bars. Not even drmike can wave a magic wand and restore them because he does not have back end access. This is a backend feedback matter folks. There is no question about that. If it doesn't rectify in a few minutes then send a feedback in okay.

  5. I'm using "Quentin" theme and my Admin bar has dissappeared as well. It was very handy, any way the WordPress gods could bring it back? :)

  6. I put in feedback but so far it has not returned.

  7. WOAH - You have my sympathy - how frustrating.

  8. quotes - I signed off for the night moments before you sent that in (I'm on UK time).

  9. I'm having the same problem... can't add or delete anyone from my blogroll, same at the top as everybody. None of it's there.

    I'm using the Sapphire theme

  10. Hi... Seems like there are people who are having the same problem as me. I'm currently using the Andreas04 theme.

  11. psychomotricite

    I'm currently using the Andreas04 theme. And i don't have the admin bar anymore...

    Thank you for the quality of WordPress


  12. Same here. Admin bar at top is gone. It only started doing this a couple of days ago. Never had this problem before. It has come back a couple of times, but only for a short while.

  13. Whenever this happens I go to and make sure I'm logged in. It usually fixes it.

    I'm guessing this is a backend problem with cookies. When you visit your blog it thinks you aren't logged in so no admin bar.

  14. *chuckle* I just released an updated version of the admin bar for the other installations of WPMU. I wonder if staff is working on a better one for us since I made ours more in line with their features. :)

    Hmm, I wonder where I did get that graphic from. Looks mighty familiar.

  15. im using neat! theme
    and i have experienced this also
    but only sometime
    i think its because of the speed of the server or ur internet or something
    because the way i do it is
    just refresh the page 2/3 times
    and u will get the BLUE bar again

    hope this solves things

  16. My Admin bar has disappeared now for about 5 days...Where on earth has it gone? Can anyone tell me how to get it back? I have to get login via the site - which is such a hassel!

    Any tips anyone, I've tried various themes with the same results.

    It's on the NEAT theme now.

  17. 1. try clear your cache for browser
    2. refresh the page 2/3 times

  18. I have tried the suggestions:

    Logging off and on, no change, still no admin bar.
    Cleared browser cache, refreshed page 6 or 7 times, no success.

    Still without top admin bar...

  19. I've tried those suggestions as well with no good results...

  20. menopausalagnostic

    Same here, no ADMIN bar for about 5 days now. Yes, I tried the suggestions.

  21. Same here. No admin bar with neat! theme.

    I also tried all different kinds of ways to get it back. Just no luck.

  22. Same here.
    'It' knows I'm logged in because I can edit posts and add comments.
    But I have to go to the support page to view my dashboard or create a new post etc.

  23. No such problem here o_O Firefox 2 Beta 2 (as well) ..

  24. I have the same problem. It seems like it is tied to a problem with the javascript that handles the setting of the Admin Bar.

    The script is below. The javascript seems to be erroring on "document.createElement". It kept saying "Error:Object Required"
    <br /> if ( document.createElement ) { <---- Line with the error --<br /> var q = document.getElementById('wpcombar');<br /> var r = document.createElement('div');<br /> r.innerHTML = q.innerHTML;<br /> q.parentNode.removeChild(q);<br /> r.setAttribute('id', 'wpcombar');<br /> = '1001';<br /> document.body.insertBefore(r, document.body.childNodes[0]);<br /> }<br />

  25. disappeared since last five days.tried a lot.cant solve the problem.what to do?

  26. here's something interesting... my admin bar is gone and has been for days but my daughter also has a wordpress blog... and her's shows up when she is logged in... we're on the same computer...

    it's driving me crazy... I LOVED my admin bar and miss it very much!

  27. menopausalagnostic

    My ADMIN bar is back & the javascript thing wasn't showing up until I logged in here
    to write this post. Anyway, just thought I'd let you know as of now my beautiful
    blue ADMIN bar is back.

  28. MINE TOO! YAY!

  29. Big vote of thanks to whoever fixed it.
    I would ask what was wrong and how it was fixed but I probably wouldn't understand the answer.

  30. Hooray and thank you for the fix.

    Mine is working now as well.

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