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The Britain's Got Talent Hogracing Grand National 2012

  1. May I present to you the Britain's Got Talent Hogracing Grand National 2012...

    The idea is simple - choose a novelty act in this year's Britain's Got Talent show, then ride on the back of their success like that monkey rode that pig on Youtube... Can you generate extra blog traffic by gossiping about your chosen champion ? Will they make it to the finals or fall at the first hurdle ? Will this very competition be the glorious start to a fantastic career in showbiz commentary (probably not... sorry - but it will be fun)

    The details and rules are available at null Hopefully, HB/NW can also act as a portal for all this idiocy, so keep checking in!

    It's a bit of postmodern, ironic fun and hopefully a way to network amongst ourtselves really - if we get a nice bunch of people together, then hopefully we can enjoy a spring of comedy, nonsense, stupidity and laughs.

    Make friends! Influence the public vote! Play with a horse whip!

    Feel free to discuss here, there and everywhere - I'm looking forward to meeting new Simian Jockeys and generally having a laugh.

    May the best monkey win!

    The blog I need help with is

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