The Bueno Featured Post widget seems messed up

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    I’m encountering a problem with the Bueno Featured Post widget this morning: usually, there’s one bullet point before the featured post’s image, then there’s the title next to it, underneath the post excerpt. Single entries are seperated by a line. Now, there are bullet points before the images AND the title, and there’s a broken-up line underneath each of the images and the title. I’ve never had that problem before, and it just doesn’t look right, so I’m a bit confused :/

    Should I just wait until it sorts itself out, or can you guys do something about it? Thanks! :)

    The blog I need help with is



    Im having the same problem! Please someone help us! Its so disappointing such a great theme having such visual problems!


    Using Bueno theme…with no probs…



    hey I got the same problem too. happened lately also. Can someone explain what happened?


    Hmm… I changed my theme and set everything back to default to try whether it would work like on a “re-boot”, but it’s still the same… I thought of changing the theme again anyway, so I’ll do that now, and try again in a while.. perhaps it’s just a CSS kink that will work out itself.
    Anyway, I’ll try and send an email to the engineers, maybe they can take a look at it :)


    Thanks for pointing out this issue, everybody. It should be resolved now—but let us know if you see any other theme wonkiness.


    Thanks for your help, it’s all smooth now! *hugs*



    Well done, WordPress crew! That`s why it is the best blog service in the world!

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