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  1. The button for select Paragraph and Heading 1, 2 or 3, etc. has disappeared from my desk. The button for select color of the font also has disappeared, the same for others button for customize my edition. Please help me to recover those features on my desk.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please go here and be sure the Visual editor is not disabled on your blog > Users > Personal Settings
    Visual Editor __ Disable the visual editor when writing

    Note this support entry >

    You could have a browser issue so see here > If your browser version is outdated then you can upgrade it here

  3. Thanks Timethief I have solved the problem

  4. Yay! That's such great news. Thanks for sharing it and blog on! :)

  5. Timethief, Do you know that I'm from Costa Rica?, or your expression Yay! has another meaning...

  6. To me it means hooray! as in Hip Hip Hooray!

  7. Ah!, Ok!, just a coincidence. Thanks again

  8. Best wishes for happy blogging. :)

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