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The Cheaper option?


    Updated and customized my website thoroughly, and pretty soon I was planning on purchasing the Custom CSS upgrade, but on second thought, does anyone think it would be less expensive to:

    1) Purchase the Custom CSS upgrade each year, or
    2) Move to another host and switch to (not those uber-expensive hosts that charge like $49.99 a month you know... )

    I kinda am dying to add plugins to my website and am getting tired of typing '' at the end. Just making sure, If I switch to I can edit CSS whenever I want for no extra cost, right?

    So anyway thanks, I'm not trying to put wordpress out of business but I just want to know which would be the better option.

    Thank you very much!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If I switch to I can edit CSS whenever I want for no extra cost, right?

    Yes you have complete control over your template and can hack it as your see fit as well as hacking the CSS. Good hosting ranges from $10 to $25 per month for combined costs of hosting and the domain registration.

  3. "I kinda am dying to add plugins" Are you really? Why? Do you just want to add plugins because all the cool kids are adding plugins, or do you want to add plugins to get something in particular accomplished? If the latter, tell us what you want to accomplish and we can tell you if it's doable here.

    With the domain upgrade, you don't have to type "" at the end, either.

    BTW if you do the math, unless you get free hosting you're better off purchasing those two upgrades and staying here rather than looking for external hosting.

  4. Shiny Plug-in envy? :)

    Lost much of the time is what WordPress.COM has done to Plug-in's. Specifically they have taken many Plug-in's and turned them into Widgets. Look at a standard Theme and there are about 1/3 the Widgets of a standard Theme from WordPress.ORG.

    I added a "Subscribe to this blog" function (Widget) to two friends sites that I help with. Took many a minute total time.

    A self hosted site, well a bit different, research which of 10,000 Plug-in's to use, download the Plug-in, install it, and hope it works. Problems, to the Forum and pray. When it is time to upgrade the WordPress.ORG software, not always does the one click upgrade work (3 or 4 times a year) - and sometimes the upgrade breaks a Plug-in and your site might stop working.

    Unless there is a specific function that you can't live without or want to do Advertising, WordPress.COM is much simpler.

  5. Exactly. Farting around with plugins has wasted so much of my time, and has sometimes taken my blog down; it once took the whole blog network down!

  6. I'm not trying to hijack this thread but I find it really frustrating not being able to "Embed" video into my posts unless I pay the $60/year upgrade. It's the little things like this that make me want to go back to

  7. Well, you were pretty successful at hijacking the thread, even without trying.

  8. Ok, sorry bout that.

  9. Can anybody recommend a good (not that expensive) host?

  10. There are lots of hosting suggestions at WordPress.ORG. Everyone here by definition has chosen WordPress.COM for their host.

  11. @foofballcommittee
    Here are thr requiremanets for running wordpress >
    Here are the webhosts that Staff recommend

  12. but I find it really frustrating not being able to "Embed" video into my posts unless I pay the $60/year upgrade

    You can embed many different videos here on The US$60/year upgrade is specifically for VideoPress videos.

    I added some videos to my site yesterday. You can see them here ...

  13. I forgot to add that I haven't upgraded to VideoPress on that site. Those videos were added for free.

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