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    The theme on my blog changed without my choice, and now has black boxes instead of the neutral ones as of yesterday. I had not done anything to change the theme and I am wondering why there is now a featured image on one of my posts I did not choose, as well as black boxes instead of the neutral background color that was there before. The theme was The Columnist, and as I am a writer and not a photographer, I found that the neutral boxes highlighted my words and I didn’t have to use photos. Now, the site looks like it is missing photos in all of the title boxes. I don’t like this. I would like to have the theme be as before. What happened?
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    Hi there,
    This thread will be moved to the Themes Forum where Themes Staff will address your issue re: this unwelcome change.




    Yes, we’ve released updated to The Columnist and that’s why you see the dark grey box or the first image in a post as a fallback of the featured image. The dark grey box appears when a post doesn’t have featured image nor images in the content.

    The reason we update the theme is that same as Suburbia, we find the theme is used by majority of users as image oriented blogs and we think the theme look best with having an image that represents each post like you see in here.

    The placeholder (the dark grey box) is meant to be a kind of reminder for users to add a featured image or an image to each post to get the best look of the theme. It also intends to keep the consistency when some posts have featured images.

    If you don’t want to have the dark grey placeholders, you can hide them with CSS with Custom Design upgrade. Although the theme would show the first image if you don’t set a featured image, the code below will hide the palceholders and will make it back to similar looking before th update.

    #feed-wrap .placeholder {
    background: transparent;
    height: auto;
    #feed-wrap .placeholder h1 {
    position: relative;
    bottom: 0;

    Hope it helps.



    I have tried adding featured images, and even with them, the text appears with a black box overlayed on the image. I think it looks awful when you slide the mouse over the box and it changes to black, with a white box for the text. I don’t know if anyone else using the theme feels the same way, but I think it looked much better before.


    I agree completely. It looks ghastly. I use Suburbia and I recently found the grey boxes at the top of each post with the title of the post inside. Although iamtakashi mentioned that the themes have been upgraded people should have the choice whether they want to use an image or not without having to upgrade. Some posts don’t necessarily have photos to accompany them. I use the site to post poetry and other information about my writing and this sometimes includes photographs but not always.

    Is there some way to get rid of the ugly grey spaces and return to the normal view without having to pay for an upgrade?



    Is there some way to get rid of the ugly grey spaces and return to the normal view without having to pay for an upgrade?

    Upload featured images.


    From where do I get featured images?



    Featured images are photos. Still looks bad with them. Hardly an upgrade, just a way to get people to pay for CSS.


    Why make a site free and then force people to pay for upgrades for the things that were promised in the first place? That’s cheap and I can’t believe wordpress would stoop so low. But looks like it has.

    So what’s the best theme for poems, re-posts, features and some photos?

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