The connection was reset and can't open 'Notifications' tab.

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    I’ve been searching other posts for a solution and it seems many other have similar problems, but no resolution yet, so it is time to raise my own query.

    I have access to 4 computers and they do seem to behave differently. My browser on all machines is Firefox 13, My tool for blogging over the last year is a Windows 7 laptop. It had performed perfectly until about 4 days ago.

    The first problem noticed was that when trying to update a new post, I would get the message “The connection was reset”. Persistent attempts to update sometimes succeeded, but the success rate seems to be dropping. I have also now noticed that the ‘Notifications’ tab will not show anything at all. All other tabs seem to work ok, although sometimes selecting a post from the ‘Reader’ will also produce the “The connection was reset” message. This problem occurs whether the laptop is used on either a wireless or ethernet connection.

    Just at this moment, the “Connection Reset” message seems less frequent, but the ‘Notifications’ tab still shows nothing.

    I think, but because of the intermittency of the problem’, am not sure, that my old Windows XP desktop and my wife’s Vista laptop work more consistently. A new Windows 7 desktop seems to suffer the “Connection reset” problem intermittently, but hasn’t yet exhibited the problem with Notifications.

    Could the problem be associated with recent Windows 7 updates?

    Can someone please help, or flag this up to the WordPress team. Thank you in anticipation.

    The blog I need help with is



    I have just cleared cache and cookies and now the Notification tab does work, but the Reader tab will not. Help me please.




    Thank you. I will contact my ISP (TalkTalk), though I don’t expect much help there. Also, I’m still a little puzzled about why my ‘Notifications’ tab only doesn’t work on one of the computers that I have access to, and is OK on the other 3.

    If it helps at all, I have a ‘0’ in the top LH corner of the page and nothing else. Could this be due to another problem?



    Help! I am not getting notification of replys .. I don’t know anything about computers.
    Cache & cookies are old words you have given new meanings to that I do not understand. Cache is to store things,usually food,high enough in a tree that bears can’t reach and cookies have chocolate chips and pecans in them.

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