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    Hi I was wondering if someone can help me. With the theme that I have picked for my blog each blog is posted in a continual page. Is someone is not familiar with the lay out they might not realise that they have to click on the heading of each blog to be able to like the blog post or share it on facebook.
    When someone comes onto the home page they can read all the entries in one continual page which misses out these buttons.
    Is this just the theme I have chosen or is it common on other themes – or is it because I haven’y upgraded to pro.
    Someone recently highlighted to me they have only just worked this out as they have wanted to share my blogs on facebook and didn’t know how.
    Why is this and is there a way to change it so each blog post is separate and therefore easy for people to see how to like it and share it?
    Thanking you in advance.

    The blog I need help with is



    Unless you use P2, a twitter-like theme, comments are collapsed on the front page of your blog where our posts are “showcased” on the front page of the blog. Visitors click titles or comment links to read the full posts on their own pages. The way comments are displayed is coded into the core of WordPress and we cannot change that behavior described above.

    I can’t see the buttons on the front page.
    Make sure to select “Front Page, Archive Pages, and Search Results” for “Show buttons on” setting.


    Hi thanks for replying I was just seeing if I could work it out and I managed too – it has been bugging me for ages!!
    Thank for taking the time to reply though :)



    You’re welcome.

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