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The "copy page" button takes me to "new page", how can I copy pages?

  1. I have several pages that I want to copy to another location on the site but the copy button just takes me to a new, blank, page. Can I copy or do I need to start from scratch?
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  2. Posts and Pages are not the same. There is no copy a page feature. There is a copy a post feature.

    re: Pages order
    There are two approaches.
    1. If you have only pages in your horizontal menu and that all you want in it see here please >

    2. But creating a custom menu allows you to display Categories with drop-downs to sub-categories in tabs along the horizontal navigation where normally only Pages tabs are displayed. If you wish you can also include Pages with drop-downs to sub-pages and/or Tags pages and/or Custom Links in your custom menu as well. You are in charge of what appears in a custom menu. You choose the order in which to display any and/or all the foregoing in your custom menu. You choose which to display and which to hide.

  3. Thanks for the reply. If you click on "Pages" the options are "all pages, new page, and copy page". I just want the "copy page" to work :-)

  4. Oh my! I did not even notice that existed. I have flagged this thread for Staff to help you.

  5. That happened here not long ago, try this:

    From the "copy a page screen" click on "Screen Options" in the upper right hand corner, and make sure that "Writing Helper" is checked.

    Once it is checked, scroll down past the "Add Page" box, and you will see a list of your pages with a "copy" button to click for each page.

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