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The Crew... Looking for a Few More Writer's/Photographer's

  1. Looking for a Few Good Writer's/Photographer's

    The Dark Globe is looking for a Few More Writer's, and Photographer's

    My New Blog The Dark Globe is Designed to Bring both Writer's, and Photographer's together, as a place for us Blog Posts of varying Subjects together... I've Designed the Site in the Spirit of a Newspaper, with all sorts of Subject's to Pick from.

    Our Editorial's and Film and Television Review's seem to be doing ok, but we could really use some Piece's on Technology, Health or Diet, Music, Some Short Stories, The Writer's Craft, as well as some Photo Posts put on the Site.

    Let me know Here, or on The Crew Page of The Dark Globe if you'd like to Post a Piece to the Site


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hey Dark Jade. I'm pretty busy, but if I could post some of my " A Little Slice of Life" stories on Dark Globe I would be happy to join up. I already have a number of them written. If you go to my Simple Observations home pafe, you can see two of them as a separate page. They are mainstream stories with subtle humor that I have sent to newspapers in the hope of getting syndicated. If this is acceptable to you, then sign me up. I appreciate it. You could even use them as a monthly or weekly feature to lighten things up a little if you wanted to. Thanks.

  3. P.S. I have a health and diet blog which I haven't been working on in a while. It is called 'Health at Any Age" at If you see anything you like I would be honored to post it on your site. I also have a spiritual, thinkers blog called "Simple Thoughts" at I've written many things including stories about the meaning of life, and a series of rules for living. If you see anything that would fit your site I would be happy to post some of them. Thanks again.

  4. No Problem, we're Posting Both New and Previously Posted Material on the Site... I'll send you an Author Invite ASAP

    Thanks for your Interest


  5. @darkjade68
    My suggestion that you consider creating a custom menu with dropdowns on that site. custom menu walkthrough

  6. Just a Dark Globe Update

    We're still looking for More Writers and Photographers for the Site, but we've had a good Start of it... If interested, check out the Post Below

    The Dark Globe - Heart Felt... 18 Days Out



  7. Hey guys, just an FYI, The Dark Globe is looking for some Writers for our Music - Scene, Taste, Opinion Section, our Finance-Economy Section and Technology-It's Unavoidable Section if anyone is interested in being an Author, or a Guest Author on the Site. We also could use an Additional Photographer.

    You can let me know here, or on The Crew Section of The Dark Globe



  8. The Dark Globe is Currently Looking for Writers, Photographers Etc. for the Following Sections of the Site.

    Photos & Photography We have one, but would love to have more.

    Music - Scene, Taste, Opinion

    Technology - It's Unavoidable

    Finance - Economy

    You can let us know Here in this Thread, or on Our The Crew Page on the Site


  9. I am currently looking for chefs, maids, footmen, and chauffeurs NO make that Charioteers!

  10. I am currently looking for green chain workers for bucking firewood. P.S. I don't intend to pay them and won't allow them to post to my free hosted blogs. I will insist they get their own blogs. Ha!

  11. Hey Dark Jade! I'm interested in the photography section and maybe even writing, let me know what you're looking for and how to get started! I will check out the site right now :)

  12. Real Craigslist ad, now deleted:

    Craigslist Ad :
    We are a small & casual restaurant in downtown Vancouver and we are looking for solo musicians to play in our restaurant to promote their work and sell their CD. This is not a daily job, but only for special events which will eventually turn into a nightly event if we get positive response. More Jazz, Rock, & smooth type music, around the world and mixed cultural music. Are you int...erested to promote your work? Please reply back ASAP.

    Reply from musician:
    Happy new year! I am a musician with a big house looking for a restauranteur to promote their restaurant and come to my house to make dinner for my friends and I. This is not a daily job, but only for special events which will eventually turn into a nightly event if we get positive response. More fine dining & exotic meals and mixed Ethnic Fusion cuisine. Are you interested to promote your restaurant? Please reply back ASAP.

  13. TT, you spit wood. You don't need anyone to get it for you :P

  14. @Lady I sent you an Invite, looking forward to working with you


  15. lettershometoyou

    @raincoaster - thanks for the laugh!

  16. Not sure if you are still looking for photographers, or the photographs of a rural photographer, but if you are you can always check out my stuff to see if I would be a good fit.

  17. You do good stuff, I've looked at your Site before

    And we do need more Photographers

    Sending you an Author Invite

    Thanks for you Interest Evil


  18. Just an FYI - using proper grammar will make your posts (and other written communication) easier to read.

    On your post here, you seem to have an issue with apostrophes. Pluralizing words don't demand an "apostrophe s", just an "s" in most circumstances.

    On your blog, you seem to regularly leave out punctuation like commas, and also haphazardly capitalize letters in the middle of sentences.

    I mention these because the better we follow the expected rules of grammar, the easier it is for your readers to understand what you are trying to say. There are many sites online for basic rules of grammar, and I am sure that some people here have their favorites that they wouldn't mind sharing.

    Good luck!

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