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The dahboard dropdown menu not reflecting the blog title changes

  1. I've registered several blogs at I left "My Weblog" in the blog title when I registered them, thinking I'm going to change that later.

    Now that I've changed the blog title, the drop-down menu to switch to the different blogs does not show the new titles, but several "My Weblog" instead.

    How can it be changed ? I think it's a bug, isn't it ?

  2. I think you're right. You'll need to contact staff tomorrow during their office hours. It definitely should not be working like that.

  3. Ok, I'll do that in a couple of hours. Thanks raincoaster.

  4. Nick from [email redacted] replied :

    "It can take a little time for the cache to clear out and for the changes to be seen".

    And yes, it's now working.

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