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The Dance

  1. I've just had my newest grandchild, about a month ago. I am working on a new piece for all of my grand kids--sort of advice. I am curious what others think. I would appreciate comments. I am re-starting this blog, too.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. @kenwalt50 - I did not understand if your first post was a poem or exactly what you were trying to say, specifically I did not understand the paragraph regarding "control mechanism." However, I am sure your family understands your words to them. Your post was not for me to understand, but your family.

    I was able to understand your first post a little better after reading your about page. Is your blog going to be a memoir for your grandchildren? I thought it was very sweet to write a special post to your grandchildren.

    Best of luck to you,

    Liz Fruitberry

  3. I do not want what I am writing to be interior, that is, just for my family. I'm not sure if the words are confusing or the ideas. Cataloging it as a poem or anything is unimportant--it is what it is--that should not make it different. You specify one paragraph. I can re-work that one to being less vague. Was the first proverb equally unclear to you or to anyone else who might read this?

  4. I've added to my blog and would like some response.

  5. A few more additions to my blog.

  6. A few more.

  7. A few more Truisms...I'd appreciate comments

  8. A few more entries. Please comments with any thoughts.

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