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The Dark Globe - Looking For Writers And Photographers

  1. The Dark Globe Started back at The End of October, 2011, and has been Going Strong. We Now have some 5 to 8 Writers, and 2 to 3 Photographers on the Site.

    But We Need More!

    We are Currently In Need of Writers for Our Technology, Music, Health or Diet and Finance and Economy Sections... And I'm also Open to Adding a World News Section, should we get a Good Writer for it.

    We're also Always Looking for New Photographers for the Site.

    If You're Interested, just Post a Comment on This Thread, or Here The Crew



    The blog I need help with is

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  3. 1) what do you pay

    2) haven't we had this conversation before?

  4. I'm a local award holder photographer. I'm a good writer too. You can conclude seeing my latest post. I can work for you if you'll pay me $1000 for each post :)

  5. So you don't know the exact number of your writers and photographer? I'm a good Mathematician too, but I charge $5000 for teaching it. :)

    I believe I alone can work better than you 11 people. I've proof too.

  6. 3) how much do you drink? WOW.

  7. @raincoaster lol :)

  8. 4) Have you read this

  9. Blimey! Someone's having delusions of grandeur around here.

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