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The Dark Globe - Outstanding Artist Awards

  1. The Dark Globe Outstanding Artist Awards

    Check out the Link for the Rules and more Info.

    Nominations Start Today, and go through 12/20/2011

    Voting Begins 12/21/2011, and will go through 12/31/2011

    Winners will be Announced 1/1 2012 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

    The 3 Categories are Best Photographer, Best Writer and Best Blogger

    Check it out, make your Nominations, Voting will begin Next Week!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have posted my nominations on the post, "Awaiting Moderation", how can that be when I'm a bloody author hah.

  3. Ha, I think it does it for anyone's first Post Reply, but I thought you had replied to another, maybe not, lol

    Thanks for the Nominations Pete, you have been successfully De-Moderated, lol


  4. If you have/know some Bloggers/Writers/Photographers that you feel deserve some additional Recognition, be sure Nominate them on the Dark Globe Site Here The Dark Globe Outstanding Artist Awards

    Or right here in this Thread is also fine... Each Person may Nominate up to 3 Bloggers, in either the Best Blogger, Best Photographer, or Best Writer Category...

    These Three Nominees don't have to be one in each Category... Just 3 in total, mix and match as you will... Or if you just want to Nominate 1 particular Blogger, that's fine too... You may also Nominate a Blogger for Two of the Categories, however when the final 5 Nominees for each Categories are determined, a Blogger may only end up in just one category... As we want 3 different people receiving Awards.

    The Full Rules in regards to Nominating someone ('s), as well as Voting (Which will start next week, once we've established our Final Nominees), are at the Link above.

    I look forward to hearing from you on the Site, or Here, as to Which Bloggers you'd like to Nominate.

    Thanks for your Time and Interest


  5. Thanks Dove, there is a Best Blog, Best Photographer, and Best Writer Category... Which would you like each of them Nominated for?

    Thanks again for the Nominations

    Anyone who has a Blogger or three they'd like to Nominate for one of those Categories, just let me know... Nominations are Open until Dec 20th... At which point 5 from Each Category will be determined, and Voting for the Finalists will take place from Dec 21st through Dec 31st, at which point the Winners will be Announced on Jan 1st

    Thanks again Dove


  6. Sorry forgot the categories -

    Best Blog for -

    Best Photographer for both of the other two -
    and -

  7. Thanks Dove

    We've got 3 Photographers, 1 Writer, and 2 Blogs as Possible Nominees so far

    Appreciate it


  8. There should have more categories, prolly next time, eh?

  9. Aye, the only reason I did only 3 was because The Dark Globe is fairly new... And, I wasn't quite sure what other Categories might have been good... Maybe funniest Blog, eh?

    Nomination Updates;

    Best Photographer - 4 Nominated so far

    Best Writer - 1 Nominated so far (Nominated Twice, so likely to be one of the Final 5 Nominees in that Category)

    Best Blogger - 2 Nominated so far

    Be sure to get your Nominations in, the Final 5 Nominees in each category will be determined December 20th, and the Voting for each of those 3 Categories will then begin December 21st-December 31st

    Once again, Nominations can be made here, or on The Dark Globe Outstanding Artist Awards Link on the Dark Globe Site.


  10. Thoughts for possible future years award categories? -

    'The Feel-Good Factor' - for a single post in someone's blog which after reading it you come away feeling better than you did before :D

    'The Inspiring Moment' - for practical creativity content, be it cookery; sewing; building; model-making etc.


  11. I like Feel Good Post of the Year... That's a good one

    And maybe Homemade Creator of the Year or something like that for the Practical Content one... Or something like that

    Good ideas Dove


    Nomination Updates;

    Best Photographer - 5 Possible Nominated so far, but keep Nominating more, as The Final 5 will determined on Dec 20th

    Best Writer - 2 Nominated so far

    Best Blogger - 3 Nominated so far

    Four More Days left for Nominations


  12. Thanks :)

  13. T.D.G. Outstanding Artist Awards - Preliminary Nominations are Rollen In

    An Update of The Dark Globe Outstanding Artist Awards Preliminary Nominations


  14. dovesgold, thanks for the nomination for Just Snaps.

  15. Nuvofelt you're welcome I love them :)

  16. Just another Update

    Nomination Updates;

    Photographer of the Year - 9 Nominees

    Writer of the Year - 7 Nominees

    Blogger of the Year - 11 Nominees

    Be sure to get your Nominations in, the Final 5 Nominees in each category will be determined December 20th, and the Voting for each of those 3 Categories will then begin December 21st-December 31st

    For the Official Rules, or to see who has been Nominated so far (Other than the 3 that were Nominated on this Thread), you can go Here The Dark Globe Outstanding Artist Awards

    You May Make your Nominations either Here, or at the Link Above.

    Don't worry about Nominating someone that has already been Nominated, as it only improves their chances of making the Final 5 Nominated for that Category.

    Only 2 Days Left to Nominate, The Final 5 Nominees Per Category will be Determined December 20th, and Voting Begins December 21st through December 31st... The Winners will be Announced January 1st, 2011


  17. Can we vote on this forum too? Or will you have a button to press for each nomination on the Dark Globe page? Thanks

  18. There will be a New Post on the Site for Votes, and Potentially a New Thread in The Forums... Just to keep it all Clean

    Thanks Dove


  19. Great thanks :)
    I'll vote from these forums :)
    Joyful... serious amount of carol singing and mince pie munching going on here at the moment :)

  20. For Whom The Bell Tolls - Final Nominees to be Announce at Midnight PST

    The Nominations have been Brought to a Halt... The Final Nominees are to be Announced at Midnight Tonight, PST, West Coast U.S. Time


  21. The Dark Globe Outstanding Artist Awards - Finalists

    The Finalists are in... The Voting Begins December 21st PST, West Coast U.S. Time... A New Voting Thread will be Made then

    Good Luck to all Finalists!


  22. The Honorably Mentioned - The Nominators, and Those that didn't make the Cut

    A Tribute to the Nominators, and the Nominated that didn't make the Final Cut


  23. Nuvofelt got an Artist Diversity award Brilliant :)

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