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The Day the USA became United again

  1. Absolutely! I wish I could've been in Times Square last night and today.

  2. I wish I could be at The White House or well in the DC area.

  3. dribblingpensioner

    My question is how do we know he is dead, by what we are being told, then have'nt we all been told so many lie's over the year's ?

  4. My question is will this now stop the islamaphobes who have depicted all Muslims as being terrorists or not? I sure hope it does silence them because IMHO islamphobes are are dangerous people, and we would all be foolish not to take heed of their unsubstantiated hatred of all Muslims and what it can lead to.

  5. @bats0711
    I left 3 comments as my app is not working and my vision is not good today. Please delete the first 2 attempts and post the third comment. Thanks, in advance.

  6. dribblingpensioner

    @ TT, This will not stop them, nothing will and no-one will, they are moving abroad and breeding so fast that they will out number the native population's. They want all counties Muslim. I or you will never see this, it will take a very long time.

    They are the same as the IRA, peace in N.Ireland except for a few people with no brain's who want to do nothing but kill.

  7. Got ya TT.

  8. I think we have to make our own choices on whether or not we believe he is in fact dead. I for one have made the choice to believe it. I WILL NOT however allow this to help me make any decision on who I will vote for in the next election.

  9. dribblingpensioner

    @bats0711, i have an open mind on the subject and will be posting in my blog about it to-morrow.
    this is what life is about and in fact blogging to, freedom to say what we fell and believe in.
    go on vote for the Pesident who got him :) G.W.BUSH tried for 10 year's and failed. :)

  10. I don't think this is about islamaphobia. It's about vengeance, pure and simple. I'm totally okay with that. Not very enlightened of me, perhaps, but I'm okay with that, too.

    @pensioner I can't wait to see what you have to say.

  11. dribblingpensioner

    @momfog, it's a small post but just my thought's on the subject.

  12. I will also be looking forward to read what you have to say pensioner.

  13. dribblingpensioner

    thank you bats 0711

  14. I'm looking forward to what you have to say, too, pensioner. I'm sick of people who whimper and snivel about "Islamophobia" because I've noticed such people never hesitate to paint all Christians (or at least Christian Republicans) as morons and worse. I distrust all religions (and political parties) equally and the sniveling whiners about "Islamophobia" make me laugh because they are so paranoid. They never seem to think it's "Christophobia" when people (me included) criticize Christianity. Their fundamental motive seems to be patting themselves on the back for the way they think it makes them wonderful to look for Islamophobes under every bed.

  15. @balladeer You wrote a post on that didn't you? "Christophobia."' I like that. :-)

  16. @bats0711
    Thanks :)

  17. Momfog: Thanks! I wrote a post like that during the ridiculous riots and killings over the Koran burning and I elaborated on my thinking in some of the replies. Glad you liked it!

  18. Yup and that's why I wasn't going to comment to Thomas.

    And I absolutely believe in what TT quoted from President Obama. I don't hate Islam, Muslims. I hate mass murderers. I despise them. They sicken me. I also respect his decision on not releasing the photos or any video. It just seems like it would kick us in the ass if the USA did. Propaganda in a form that will create anger and hostile actions, not only to the USA but also towards any other countries that support us for any reason. Enough of death, lets support life.

  19. Oh and I forgot to say that I titled this wrong because it really was only one day we were united again, now we're back to The Divided States of America.

  20. dribblingpensioner

    @bats0711, you spotted him posting as well, spammer ??

  21. I certainly did. and yes I believe he is.

  22. I can't imagine any reasonable human being thinking the general glee over Bin Laden being killed is in any way shape or form indicative of hatred of all Muslims. I think it's silly to even raise the issue. It reminds me of how when you criticize the United States certain right-wing zealots expect you to follow it up with a reassurance that you don't "hate" America.

  23. Christophobia? Yes. You should copyright that, balladeer!

    I'm glad they got him, but I wish they'd gotten him sooner. Oh, and, I agree with the *Daily Show send-up of Pakistan's role in the whole thing.

    *disclaimer: while I like much of the comedy found on TDS, I am by no means a mindless liberal who eagerly laps up everything presented on a fake news program as fact ...

    I can't wait to see what Uncle Jay Explains does with this news.

  24. cmhardin: Ha! Thanks! I often use it when I point out my irritation at how my irreverance toward Christianity gets praised as "daring" and "iconoclastic" but when I show the same irreverence toward Islam there are sometimes gutless little grovelers who try to label it "hate speech" or "Islamophobia".

  25. It's about as daring as wearing black to show "hipster" status. It takes some nerve to heckle people who tend to burn their hecklers (in effigy).

    I'd rather not heckle any particular group in general. Now, the stupid people within any group, they're fair game. ;)

  26. Indeed stupid people are everywhere but why bother picking the wings of flies? We all know what they are a attracted to and what they are full of.

  27. "...but why bother picking the wings of flies?" QFT.

    Best left alone, that's my take on it, too. I guess what I meant convey was:

    If you go after a particular group, I'll consider it unfair. If you're pointing out stupidity--no harm, no foul.

  28. nicholasifkovits


    By Nicholas Ifkovits

    Thinking about supporting the Taliban or Al-Qaeda? Think again. Extremist Christian? Think some more.

    I had a friend who used to get high and talk to God. At least he thought he was talking to God. He said getting high somehow opened up a channel between himself and the Almighty that actually allowed him to hear more clearly God’s reply.

    I knew what he meant. Talking face-to-face with God the way an Old Testament Prophet such as Moses might have. Crazy people do that. Popes have done that. So have the leaders of cults large and small, such as Manson, Jim Jones or the Reverend Moon, reporting to the rest of us what God wants. And often huge numbers of people believe them, and have killed others, and even themselves, in the name of their leader. Or in the name of God. Hitler at one point rhetorically asked, “Who’s to say I am not under the special protection of God?” Is everyone who believes in divine inspiration, both leader and follower, crazy, then? Turning this dilemma over in my mind gave birth to “The Three Voices Theory.”


    Every believer of whatever stripe must deal with three voices: His or her own (gut feeling, intuition, wishful thinking, or whatever you want to call it), God's voice, and Satan's. That Satan delights in imitating God’s voice to your deluded confusion is Biblical. And probably Koranical. The question is, how can YOU tell Satan imitating God's voice, from the actual voice of God? Throw in being high and, or, your own wishful thinking and therein lies confusion. And grave danger. The battle for your soul.

    Everyone who believes in the supernatural sans God, such as those who turn to magic spells, crystals, statues and stars for understanding, those who talk to the dead, seers, witches and wizards must deal with only two voices. Their own and Satan's. Biblically speaking (and probably Koranically as well), practicing the aforementioned beliefs is emphatically forbidden by God. Therefore, obviously, God would have naught to do with these. And Satan is pure evil. Whatever power you receive from him will be short-lived. And then your nightmare will begin.

    Every non-believer, atheists for example, must deal with only one voice. Their own. Because they believe in nothing, nothing supernatural will ever touch them. Satan will not, out of fear of awakening the damned to the reality of the "other side." And God will not, for as we all know, according to the Bible, if you reject God, God will reject you. And even if God still sought an atheist's attention, as in the shepherd seeking the lost lamb, how would an atheist hear the inaudible voice of a Being whose very existence he or she vehemently denies? And who can blame God if a willful creature shuts its eyes, and then finds itself in the dark?

    To further broaden your horizons, go to and check out Strange Change.

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