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The Design of my blog has changed, why?! I want my old, customed design back!

  1. Two days ago, suddenly the design of my blog has changed – everything looks different! How can i get back my old design? My blog was custom-designed by a web-design-company for me, so i have no idea, what i can do to adapt the design. Can you give me back my old design? Or what can i do? Thank you for your support!

  2. Hi there!

    I just visited your site and checked your site report and I don't see that any design changes have been made in the past few days. Here's a screenshot of what I see when I visit your site:

    Is this incorrect? If so, please let me know what has changed and I'll be happy to take a closer look.

  3. Hello, thank you for your reply! Actually, by the time, you wrote to me, my old design was back again! Before, the scricpt was in a wrong color (black instead of blue), the letters were bigger and there were some black lines, that weren't there before. I am glad, the problem seems to be solved all by itself... Thank you! anna

  4. Great! Let us know if we can help with anything else! :)

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