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    I am debating with the idea of migrating to and I was shopping for hosting websites when a member from this community suggested They have different prices and different bandwidth and space limit so I need to know the difference between these terms. Anyone?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. In web hosting lingo, bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred (usually per month), and space is the amount of data that the hosting provider allows you to store.

    If your website is popular and gets lots of visits per month, you need more bandwidth, but not necessarily more space.

    If you need more information, Google “difference between bandwidth and space”. Hope it helps :-)


    Your explanation is pretty clear. Thanks for answering. Just out of curiosity, how many visits do you get on a daily basis and how big is your monthly bandwith?



    You’re welcome. :-) I’m sorry but have no idea what my bandwidth consumption is because on WordPress.COM there is no bandwidth limit.

    Perhaps a volunteer who happens to use both and can give you an idea or (who knows) if you ask staff, perhaps they would be able to tell?



    I have three WordPress sites on A Small Orange each getting about 1,000 visits a month (so 3,000 total), and I’m using about 3 GB total bandwidth per month. So, I guess you could say that’s 1 GB per blog per month.

    ASO allows you to increase your hosting package with a simple support ticket, so I recommend starting low and moving up as necessary.


    I had at one time roughly figure that 10,000 page views per month would work on the “Tiny” package, but that was before they upped the bandwidth and storage on all their packages.

    The only thing that might be an issue is if you have a post or two or three go viral on Digg or facebook or such.


    I should emphasis that this was a very rough calculation, and from month to month it does not hold true. On some months the search engine traffic can be quite heavy on the site (spiders and bots) and other months they are kind of quiet, so it is sort of a general fuzzy calculation.


    @thesacredpath and @ macmanx. Thank you for sharing your experience. I get about 2,500 to 2,900 a month so I guess I’ll start with something like 3GB.



    You’re welcome!

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