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The durability of templates

  1. From day one of my WP blog life I choose Beccary's Dusk template and I'm perfectly comfortable with it. So comfortable in fact that I REFUSE to switch to another template. EVER. And there the doubt starts nibbling...suppose the designer gets a quarrel with WP, or gets abducted by aliens or leaves internet any other way. Could the template be withdrawn from the WP collection?

  2. It could but mostly likely won't

  3. panaghiotisadam

    See here, under "Little background story" and "Update Dec. 2010":

  4. I see. It's possible, but not likely.

    Gee, it's not featured in 'Popular Themes'. Art Nouveau is clearly not in vogue these days...
    I admit I'm a bit ancient myself.

    Thanks for the info, folks.

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