“The e-mail address is already used” when I update my profile.

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    I changed the email address in my Settings, got the confirmation email and confirmed it. Then I noticed that the email on my profile was still my old one, but when I try to change it, it protests that “The e-mail address is already used.”

    Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is thegreatestconversation.wordpress.com.



    I had a freak one in a million chance happen when I changed email addresses a while back. When I went to register my new email on paypal it was already used. I contacted Yahoo they said it was used, deleted and then claimed by me. I contacted paypal and asked them to contact this person to update their account with new valid email info. They did so but the person may be dead for all I know. I finally changed my email again.



    @brianpark4-try logging out and clearing your browser cache.

    Also, http://support.wordpress.com/email-address/#issues-changing-your-e-mail-address

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