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The Early History of the Pacific Northwest

  1. Being a published author of local history, {John Muir: West Coast Pioneer - published 2005 by Ronsdale Press}; I hope to present this forum in a manner which you will find interesting, not only to read, but to interact with.

    My object is to take you back to the beginning of recorded time in the Pacific Northwest; before the arrival of the Europeans, when the native community thrived by their own wits and resources. I will introduce you to some of he "First Invaders" as described by Alan Twigg within his book of the same title, and walk you though the settlement of this land, up to a point in the mid 1800's where its destiny was well defined.

    You will discover fascinating events which prior to this time have been locked away in the many journals drafted by the pens of early sailors, adventurers, pioneers and common people alike. You will follow their trials, tribulations and successes with a first hand view, such that you will be able to envision yourself there with them each step of the way.

    I encourage you to interact with me as this blog grows. Share with us your personal readings, stories of your own family members, if they are from here during the era under discussion. I ask only that you keep your subject to the area under discussion and if per chance you have a story to offer from a later time in the growth of this region, please savour it and wait patiently until we have navigated our way to that point in time.

    To take full advantage of this story, start at the very beginning, which means scrolling down to the bottom of the blog, for that is where it all begins.

    Thank you in advance for your participation.

    This will prove an exciting journey for us all.

    Daryl Ashby

    The blog I need help with is

  2. your blog looks interesting and informative, something I hope to be with my blog - I love history, learning new things...have fun on your journey, I'll come along now and then!

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