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    I know from my own copy of software that I can install a plugin that will expose more buttons in the Visual Editor ( TinyMCE Editor ). Since doesn’t have the feature of plugins I can’t do this.

    This would be extremely useful, particularly exposing the button to make HTML tables. Typing in those table tags is time consuming and laborious…….everything is against.

    I put up a blog for a nonprofit group. Putting up itineraries of events is a frequent occurence, so it really hurts not having something automatic for tables. I’m sure other small groups are on to get the word out about their free events.

    Thanks in advnace

    The blog I need help with is



    Are you aware that you can use windowslivewriter to post to your blog and that it contains an HTML tables feature? In addition there are HTML table generators we can use and creating HTML tables manually is not difficult. See here for links to table generators and instructions for creating your own HTML tables. > and here >



    Not everyone is on Windows and I have had frustrating issues copying and pasting marked up text into blogs. I can only imagine that would be worse for less tech savy people. Right now I make tables in my own copy of the software, but I would like other people to eventually get into authoring for the blog. The TinyMCE editor already has the functionality, even the buttons, it just needs to be exposed.



    This request has been made previously.There have been requests made for the functions to change fonts and backgrounds to be added to TinyMCE as well. Best wishes with your request.



    Here are some other options:

    Ecto has been mentioned in the Forum favorably many times – not free but something like $ 20–



    Thanks for the extra tips. My goal is to eventually get more people from my group contributing to the blog and working myself out of a job. Since they minimally tech savy and a bit tech phobic my preference would be to have everything in one piece, on


    For whatever reason, wordpress uses a pared down version of the editor, and does not include the table functions (along with many other functions). The issue here right now, is that wordpress.COM is now using HTML5 doc type, and the TinyMCE editor creates tables that are not compatible with HTML5. They are using obsolete tags and attributes which in a site with a doctype of HTML5 means that the browsers are going to ignore those obsolete tags and attributes.

    I think having the ability to create tables directly in the editor here would be great, but there is no chance of it happening until Moxiecode takes care of the HTML5 incompatibilities. Given their track record, that is not likely to happen quickly.

    Also, the wordpress.ORG editor does not come with the full editor. You have to install a plugin to get the added features, so it isn’t fair to say that .ORG has it, but .COM does not. The base editors in .COM and .ORG are identical.



    Thank you for posting. :)


    Just FYI, here is a list of HTML tags that are not supported in HTML5. TinyMCE currently uses all of them.


    @TT, you are welcome.

    I’m fighting the HTML5/TinyMCE issue on a couple of sites right now. They have switched to newer HTML5 themes, and the TinyMCE editor is causing issues. Try telling site owners that they have to edit all the various tables they’ve used for all their bits and bobbles and replace the obsolete HTML tags the editor puts in with inline CSS, but first, make sure you are wearing a helmet and bullet proof vest.



    thanks for posting the link on which code will no longer be av. HTML 5

    I am wondering, I used the “big” tag alot in the past because it was easy to use and fit any where, very simple. Now presumably its going to be

    <p font-size"...."> or <span font-size"...">

    What does this mean for my many past posts that I used the “big” tag in?
    Am I going to have to fix this manually for HTML 5 browser to read or will wordpress correct phased out tags?



    * sorry, should say thanks you to Thesacredpath , for the link.
    ( I have been trying to find out what tags will be depreciated)

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