The entire format for placing photos has changed??

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    @sr: There are “millions” of UNhappy ones… like myself who had no idea this forum existed!

    I’m sure that others would vent if they were aware of this forum!


    is the fact that my pictures wont display on my home page, and to see them you have to click continue a bug of the new system that will be sorted out or is there something that i should be doing



    thebusyteapot – please start a new thread for your issue rather than adding to these long ones, thanks. Click here to start a new thread:


    is the fact that my pictures wont display on my home page, and to see them you have to click continue a bug of the new system that will be sorted out or is there something that i should be doing


    no one is answering, sorry to be a pain but im tearing my hair out. I have started a new thread.



    thebusyteapot, if you’re referring to Featured Images, the ability to designate a Featured Image after upload is gone at the moment, but we are working on brining it back.

    For now, you can still set a featured image via the old method:



    thebusyteapot, I also left the above reply in your new thread:

    For the sake of keeping everything clean and tidy here, please reply over there.


    @time: Just a “PS”… while I appreciate your experience and your insight, the implication suggested in your previous comment was uncalled for.

    There is no need to “step away” from my site for “health and sanity just for today.” This is a forum where one can speak. Do hope your snark was just that… a stab at humor. Poor humor, but humor nonetheless.

    Thank you.



    I most certainly was not being snarky. My intent was to be kind to you. It’s my experienced that when I walk away for awhile and get some fresh air things don’t seem as bad to me.



    kathrynaultnoble – the images on this site seem to be opening without a carousel:

    For example, when I click the first image in the first post, it opens like this:

    Are you still seeing a carousel?



    The ability to the following within galleries should now be possible: reorder images, randomize their order, reverse their order.


    It’s no good saying start a new thread and then being directed to this one. Either way this is one of the most appalling WP changes ever. I can no longer edit my photos.

    If ever anything would send me back to blogger this is it. And I will write about it on every single one of my blogs.


    @rough If it makes you feel any better… have the same problems! The customer is never right… at!



    Wellcome to the (few) unhappy ones club, roughseasinthemed. It’a just 3 people against millions, but we shall prevail!


    @ shw and srh thanks. I stopped writing on here for exactly those reasons. But this is beyond the pale AND made me comment. I doubt the complainers will prevail. I just want to make the point that this is a crass change, and quite frankly, if WP wants to only cater for teenagers they should say so. Because that is how we are all being treated.
    * Goes off to remember blogger password *


    @rough At least you got a response!! At least you weren’t advised to “step away” from the issues for “health reasons”! Could not believe that response.

    You are correct re WP catering to teens! Never thought of that.. but, a great observation! Another commenter said that is the guinea pig for changes made available later on

    Still think that WP should give users the option to opt-in or opt-out of any of their blanket changes.



    So, after reading through all these posts and given the fact that most of us are unhappy, what it boils down to is that is only a “guinea pig” for!!! All in all that really sucks!



    roughseasinthemed – I’ve replied in your other thread.



    Now, I cannot add a hyperlink to my post (yeah, that’s broken as well). What the heck is going on?!!!!



    To all those who posted and are unhappy, while your feelings are understandable, changes to software are inevitable. is incrementally updated, sometimes with up to 16 updates a day! Many of these changes/improvements you may not be aware of. It’s only when there are major changes rolled out, and after being here for nearly 6 years I have seen a number of them, that people are caught up short and upset.

    However, please stay focused on giving Staff the information they need to help you solve whatever problem it is you are having with your site. Detailed information such as:

    -What were you trying to do?
    -What did you click on or do last?
    -What happened / what did you see?
    -What browser are you using?


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