The facebook like button is not working. I am using the Sundance theme by Automa

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    The facebook like button is not working. I am using the Sundance theme by Automattic. The person clicks like, and then they have to confirm. but nothing happens, no confirm box pops up. I tried it on my computer and it worked, but it didnt work on other computers.

    The blog I need help with is


    After deleting the widget, re-adding it and trying again, now I am getting the same error box as everyone else. Is this just because we aren’t paying? The facebook widget comes standard and should work for everyone. Its really a letdown, and I had a techie friend trying to fix it for hours. But guess what? you cant import other widgets or code. So you are stuck with their broken code. No sure if this is a theme problem, but I cant imagine there aren’t many more people upset about this. Please give me your feedback and fixes if you have them. l



    Whatever techie friend said you can’t use external widget code is a techie friend who doesn’t know what s/he is talking about. Put it in a text widget, unless it’s banned code like Javascript.


    For example? I don’t see anywhere in dashboard to add content like you are taking about… are you familiar with this theme?



    You’re talking about code to put in a widget, yes? You put external code in a text widget, which you will find on your widget page.

    Your FB Like button code appears to work just fine. Widget code is not theme-dependent. The FB Like does not work if you’re not signed in to FB.


    (thanks for your help so far) I am signed into facebook, and have a page ready for a few days already. Are you saying i need to have the account open for someone else to like it? that seems silly since we cant be on all the time and people surf at all hours. The widgets are not open for code, they are just click and drag on the dash. I can add or remove them, but cannot change the text/code content. That was the first thing we tried. Maybe I’m not understanding you but the way you talk about it it feels like it should have been an obvious fix and its not. Also, there are no new likes, even from my friends, so something is not working on the widget side. Anyone can go to the page and like it, but that defeats the purpose if they are navigated away from the blog page.



    No, I mean THEY need to have their account open in order for them to like it. If they don’t they will get a sign-in box and upon signing in will be redirected to your blog to Like or not.

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