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    It's had a bit of attention paid to it today.

    Comments welcome :)

    (I should add - repetition is deliberate)

  2. Podz, can we add the question about what's allowed in a picture filename? We seem to be having people trying to upload files with quotation marks and whatnot. This causes a 404 when the filename gets encoded.

    edit: How about the "I don't want so-and-so leaving comments on my blog? What can I do?" question.


  3. Done :)

  4. More info on categories would be good. It's just a question that's been coming up over and over in the forum here. (One might even say that it's frequently asked.)

    There's also been a lot of useful workarounds posted here recently (and, I'm sure, before I came along) that could be added to the FAQ page or a separate TIPS or WORKAROUNDS page. Just a thought.

  5. I'll try and trawl the forums for the questions / answers later.

    Tips / workaround are good too - they can go in.

    And if anyone does want to write the question they are getting bored of answering and the answer they know says it all, go for it :)

  6. Post them here or through feedback?

  7. Here would be good.

    The right side of the FAQ is currently empty - I'll put a 'Credits' box there for all the help that comes in.

  8. We came up with that Workaround for the about page on the Hemingway theme to have it appear on the home page but not the page menu by setting it to draft.

  9. Also the "I changed my theme and my widgets went back to their defaults" question. (ie go into widget control and resave them)

  10. drmike is this what you are saying: Every time you change your theme your widgets will revert to their default, therefore, after changing themes you must adjust and re-save your widgets?

  11. also a list of Categories (also known as Tags) on the FAQ blog sidebar would be helpful to find relevant answers.

  12. options - I read in a couple of blogs that the cat list was long and horrible. That's partly why I dumped it and went with the (as I see it traditional) question format.
    I can put them back.....

  13. I see, thanks podz, think I can live without cats, just thought it might be useful/habitual to other people to browse FAQ...

    [just wonder ain't there some dynamic, may be even AJAXified (i.e. w/o page reload) plugin which would allow to browse Category hierarchy tree like most file-managers do?]

  14. TT, they appear to go back to the defaults but all you have to do is go into Dashboard -> Presentations -> Widget Control and click on save again. They're still set up correctly on teh backend but you have to resave them to get them to reset correctly.

    How about the "What's up with the staff's fasicination with BBQ, Ghostbusters (The Key Masters reference), The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu (Calling their Mutliuser project 'MU') and Kim Possible?" question :)

  15. Safari and its inability to deal with WYSIWYG.

  16. (1) I can tell that if everyone would spend some time reading the FAQ every day they would get quite an education. I certainly am learning lots and hopefully some of what I'm learning will be "sticky" enough to be readily available to my memory cells when required.
    (2) FAQ has been updated is IMO very easy to use.Ones questions and the answers to them can be readily found.
    (3) I'm no prude but I ask: Is F(or) U(se) of C(arnal) K (nowledge)ED a legitimate "tag" or is it actually a "category"?
    (4) drmike drawing your attention back to widgets thanks for explaining to me. It took me a while to get it but I've got it now - I now understand why mine seemed to be coming and going. I didn't realize I had to save them again. I also didn't realize there would be a delay while they were cached. When they didn't immediately appear in my sidebar I opened them. I think it's important for folks to know about widgets and theme changes (1) Widgets must immediately re-saved without opening after changing themes and (2) Wait for them to be cached without re-opening them because premature opening will lead to widgets spilling their contents.

    As for the staff facination with the BBQ photo advertisement,I sure can't explain it. Just take a deep breath and imagine the response of vegetarians to this "meaty" sight - YECH! :p.....

  17. PODZ: The question of creating a site index comes up quite often.


    Here's the quick, nontechnical method:

    1. If you don't have CATEGORIES included in your sidebar, go to your Sidebar Widgets editor and include it.
    2. Open a page of your blog up so that you can see the CATEGORIES sidebar with all the categories listed.
    3. Carefully highlight all of the categories in the CATEGORIES box and copy them to the clipboard.
      • Press CTRL-C for PC.
      • Press CMD-C for Mac.
    4. Open the Manage Pages part of your Dashboard and create a new page.
    5. Paste the contents of the clipboard into the editor.
      • Press CTRL-V for PC.
      • Press CMD-V for Mac.
    6. Edit the list as you see fit.
      • Remove extraneous categories like "Uncategorized."
      • Create a "Recommended" or "Most Popular" list of categories above or in place of the alphabetized list.
      • Add static, descriptive text before or after the list.
      • Bold certain categories to make them stand out.
    7. Name the page and save it.
    8. If you don't want to have a separate sidebar listing of categories, go back and remove the CATEGORIES Sidebar Widget.

    Don't forget that pages created in this way are NOT self-updating like the CATEGORIES widget in the sidebar. You'll have to redo the entire process every time you add a new category to any post, or you'll have to learn how to edit the page yourself to add the category and the link.

  18. Many thanks!
    Added and credited.

  19. Thanks a lot ptv guy - make a request for step by step instructions and get over night service WOW! I'm grateful and impressed :D

  20. How about the "What do the different levels of user status mean?" question?

  21. drmike - I'll add that later today :)

  22. Done.

    Next....... ? :)

  23. Podz, I have on my todo list for this weekend a run thru on the widgets as I'm planning on rolling this out to my hosting clients. Would you folks like copies of these? I'm planning on including pics like the Image Upload FAQ so I don't know how you want to handle this.

    I was planning on holding off until the next WP release but I think I'll just go ahead and do it now.

  24. Anything that can help bloggers here is very welcome indeed !

  25. "How can I edit the "Home" link in the list of my pages?" Seems to be coming up a lot lately.

  26. Does this 'Home' link only happen in certain themes? I can't get it appear on my testblog.

  27. Does this 'Home' link only happen in certain themes? I can't get it appear on my testblog.

    Looks like it. I see it on Sapphire which I have loaded on my test blog currently.

  28. Two more I can't see from a quick glance through the FAQ index:

    1. Adding more authors to a blog.
    2. Creating multiple blogs.

    I can write something if you want me to. :)

  29. cornell - don't be shy :)

    (No-one should feel they have to, but if you do want to, go for it!)

  30. Something I have NEVER been accused of is being shy! ;o)

    I will try and write something in the next couple of days, bit busy right now...


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