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  1. Pending the faq, I have a question. When you export your posts to a hosted blog from a blog, does this "empty" your blog? Or leave the originals on the blog with a copy (exported posts) on the hosted? Thanks.

  2. Podz,
    (1) This is just a reminder that instructions on how to export a wordpress blog from here to another worpressMU host would be most appreciated.

    (2) Questions on installing music players are a recurring phenomena.

    (3) The "lost password" link may be worthy of inclusion in the FAQs.

    (4) Another worthy mention may be the "using the forum" link using the forum

  3. 1 - there may be something but until 2.1 is released, as I said to drmike, it is unofficial so is unsupported by us.

    2 - okay

    3 - there are other plans for that but agreed

    4 - If I can find a place to link that I will. But it will not be a standlone.


    Britgirl - the blog is not emptied. It stays just as it is.

  4. Podz - thank you.

  5. How about the "Help! My blog has gone to all italics because I've put a more tag in between two tags like I shouldn't have." that seems to come up on occasion. :)

  6. Podz:

    Since the issue of podcasting seems to be coming up more and more, I can write you a FAQ entry on how to run a podcast from a free blog--or at least create the illusion of doing it--unless this is something else that will be changed with 2.1 or you guys are adding the PodPress plugin.

    BTW, I hate the layout of the new FAQ page. Posting recent FAQ entries and popular FAQ entries along with a tag cloud and search box is useful, but only as an aside to the primary list of ALL frequently asked questions. Your actually making it harder to find information there.

    Having a FAQ page where readers can look through ALL of the posted FAQs will help them not only find the questions and answers they're looking for initially, but the answers to other questions that they hadn't even thought to ask yet. Your current arrangement will push users back to the forum to ask questions you've already answered and posted.

  7. A podcast faq would be cool - thanks :)

    The faq.
    The list was starting to get too long. Even I was getting lost and I wanted to put posts in different categories because of how the quesion could be phrased.

    We already use the Tags page, have tags here and by highlighting the new and the most used hopefully we help people out. If anything I need to tag more but that too has it's downsides.

    I have seen and used both examples of faq (hugely long ones and tag ones) and there are the +/- to both. Here I think we are better with the tags...

    I could add 'All' as a tag but it would be the largest, attract the most clicks and as one long list could confuse as much as help.

  8. A podcasting primer would be very cool. :)

    But [**sob**] I guess there's no chance that we're getting the FAQ's index list back [**sob**] and typing key words into the search box doesn't produce results because how the questions are phrased is the critical factor when it comes to retrieval ... wah ... [she bangs her head on the computer screen]:(

  9. It's tag based - whack tags in there instead?

  10. "A FAQ is a Frequently Asked Question. This is our collection of FAQs, to get started click one of the topics below or use our search."

    What could solve anything is a link right there to a main page that lists EVERY question.

    Podz, I have a perl script that will download the backup XML and then generate a list of posts by title (with tags).


  11. The FAQ was a long list.
    That list was only ever going to get longer, it was never going to shrink. If anything it would have been split into more pages.
    That list had questions that I - because of feedback - wanted in more than one place. I had people saying they had looked in the faq, they told me what questions that they had used and they had missed the information. They had been thinking differently, they had needed an answer that was in another part of the faq but because the list was already long I couldn't then make it longer to do the necessary duplication.

    Tags let me do that.

    I can tag posts with many tags and know that someone will see them if they happen to use the tag. Sure someone might look for 'Photos' or 'Pictures' or 'jpg' and I'm hoping that 'Images' isn't too much of a leap in the dark.

    The fact is that tags work here. There are tags on every blog, if someone's tags don't get on the tags page I get email, the tags in this forum work.
    Tag clouds are all over the place, it's not a unique phenomenon to us here.

    A simple list does serve some people but to create a list wouldn't help. Feedbacks I got told me that the list was too long, it was confusing. That tag list on the FAQ - one click and they see all the questions for that tag. One click. I don't think that the added ability to sort questions is outweighed by one click.

    With respect to the 3 of you - you know your way around here. The people sending in feedback saying the list was too long did not and it's there for them too.

    Add a list? Then people would click to see all, scan it, feel confused and send me questions - which would be in the faq.

    The FAQ gets a lot of traffic and we do listen to feedback - and that feedback said we needed to change.

  12. As Podz describes a list is unlikely to compliment the current design. This matches my experience.

    A "Getting Started" experience would compliment the current experience (including, but that also takes advanced technical communication skills and lots of time and dedication.

  13. Okay, okay "tags" she said ... well, here's a perfect head banging example. Picture this you've got a customer rolling up the driveway while you are trying to help someone on the forum find out what size of image they need to create for their regulus blog header.
    (1) I typed "images headers" into the FAQs search box and got back "not found search again".
    (2) I then typed in "headers sizes" and got back "not found search again".
    (3) I then typed in "customizing blog headers" and got back "not found search again".
    (4) As I know the information is there and already have wasted time I want to look at a list but there isn't one, so now I have to think "how would I phrase that as a question". I typed in "what is the size of a header image for a regulus theme blog?" and got back "not found search again".
    (5) My eyes narrowed to tiny little slits (if you know what I mean) I took a deep and ragged grumpy nose snorting breath, smiled sweetly at the customer and gave them some stuff to look at to keep them busy and went for it again. I typed in "picture" and I got this list
    Search Results

    * How big can my images be?
    * How do I link to other pictures?
    * How do I upload pictures?
    * How do I get text to go around a picture?
    * I cannot upload images
    * My flickr widget pictures don’t change
    * What is allowed in a picture filename?
    * Can I change colours and pictures on my blog?
    * Posting Photos from Flickr

    Aha! I went for the first link and finally found what I was looking for.
    SHEESH! what a time waster.
    Yes, it's true that I've been around for 6 months now and that I know my way around. It's also true that my computer desk and the walls around it are covered with little yellow sticky notes that contain for example header sizes, which I have now memorized.
    I know I sound ungrateful but I'm not happy and I'm struggling to make another choice between my ears. **sob**

  14. If you'd just clicked "Images, you'd have found it.

  15. Gottcha [she grinned]. If you apply the KISS principle, look for the "images" in the fog bank and you'll score :P

  16. Yikes, I didn't mean to start anything or get Podz all riled up. As pointed out, it's him that has to deal with the users who can't find what they're looking for, so, if this new method works, then great. Frankly, given the shear magnitude of subjects involved, I can't imagine there being any one perfect solution. Personally, I'd love to see the whole thing done as a mind map with clickable links at every node, but even that would tend to lose some people.

    Anyway, I'll put together a podcast FAQ to describe a method for podcasting from the free account--or at least making it look like you are. Is there anything new (within the past four or five months or so) that I should know about RSS feeds, feed enclosures, or special arrangements that have been made with outside feed aggregators (like FeedBurner) to combine multiple feeds or replace the default WP feeds? I haven't been keeping up with the MU updates here, and any of that kind of stuff would have an impact on podcasting.

  17. Who gets more sleep - Podz or drmike? :)

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