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The first 25 posts are the hardest.

  1. snoozingonthesofa

    I sure hope that's true, because I recently published my 25th post and I still feel like I've got a lot to learn.

    How many posts did it take you before you felt like you had a good handle on your blog?

    Stop by and see if you think I'm making any progress.

    Snoozing on the Sofa

    The blog I need help with is

  2. invisiblemikey

    It took me 35 or so to begin hitting my stride. I'm at about 265 now. You're obviously an accomplished writer, Scott. Perhaps your unease is about learning a new form. You are more used to traditional storytelling, and blogging (while still storytelling) has the weird interactivity factor. Imagine Robert Benchley or Dorothy Parker or Herb Caen knocking out columns, except that your entire readership is sitting at the same table, able to comment.

  3. snoozingonthesofa

    Thanks for the feedback, Mikey. You may be right about the form. Traditionally, a writer works in solitude, and gets a relatively small amount of feedback on his work. He doesn't know who's reading or what they are getting out of it. With blogging there are so many stats, telling who and how many. There is near-instant feedback. This is a whole new sort of pressure.
    BTW, I'd love to be at that table with Benchley and Parker.

    And congrats on your 265 posts. I hope I have that kind of durablility.

  4. So far the first five have been the hardest! The next five will probably be harder as I now have a few followers to worry about; I'm guessing it'll get easier as time goes by and my voice becomes clearer in my writing.

    The Spiral Arm

  5. Your blog is good but i think after the 122nd post you able to handle the blog as a good . otherwise you have to make more posts

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