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The FONT I chose does NOT work on some PC's?

  1. Ok, so after spending a TON of time on my blog lately getting it tweaked just right, I've realized that the main font I'm using 'Pea Amy Sue - TrueType' does NOT appear correctly on some PC's. (based on my limited findings, mostly Windows XP)

    Here's the thing... I found this font from this blog: which appeared on my home Laptop (with XP) just fine PRIOR to downloading it on my Desktop (with WIN 7). NOW, after assuming it worked on ALL computers, this morning I realize that it does NOT show on my work PC (that has XP) and subsequently found out that it does NOT appear correctly on my home Laptop. Meanwhile, the 'pea' font is showing up fine on the blog mentioned above on the XP Laptop? *scratches head* I did download the font to my work PC and it now appears fine, however that's just for "me". I have since added a "backup" font to the CSS. However, does anyone know how or why the blog mentioned above can have her 'pea' font showing up correctly on XP computers, but I can't? ANY help on this would be appreciated. I don't really care for the backup font I picked (Kristen ITC), but it was the closest match in appearance & size I could find. If anyone has any suggestions on a backup font, if that's truly what's needed, I'd appreciate that also!

    Thank you all so much.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, indeed there are only some fonts that display well in all browsers and on all computers. When you specify a particular font on your blog your readers may not always get the font you want them to see. This is because fonts are a computer resource, and not all computers have the same fonts as your computer does.

    This site demonstrates the fonts that do display well on the web
    This free cross browser compatibility testing site demonstrates how different browsers display the same fonts

  3. See here too:

    You'd be interested to know that your posts show up with Century Gothic in my Safari, Times in my Firefox, etc...

  4. @panaghiotisadamn, really? I just verified that my CSS has no Times anywhere. How is it appearing anyway? The backup #body font is 'Verdana'

    @timethief, I had no idea fonts varied by browser. So, based on the few links you both sent me, I'm limited to the good 'ole fonts? I'm still curious as to how the site has her 'pea' font showing correctly on IE/Firefox, but my site doesn't show it correctly.

    I guess I'll have to change the entire font codes?

  5. Sorry, yes, Verdana in Firefox - I had forgotten I had set the browser to not display the fonts used by each webpage.

    How does that site display the unusual fonts? I'm not familiar with the procedure, but they describe the steps here:

    Have you followed all that?

  6. I looked into changing my header text into Golgotha, but literally the only way to get it to display on all browsers was to make it a PNG, an image, which is unreadable to search engines, who would then think my blog was nameless. No win situation. But gosh, Golgotha is pretty.

  7. Well I'll be a monkey's uncle! After about 3 hours I have figured out what to do and I HOPE it worked (Please let me know). First I found out that it CAN be done. I researched Microsoft's WEFT utility that's meant to covert/add EOT files to your site. It kept locking up on me... so, bu buy WEFT. I found something called FONTFORGE... it was a pile of rubble. I had to download a zip binary program just to find out that nothing worked!! UGH

    After finding out that it can be done as long as the TTF file (font file) is coverted to an EOT file, I frantically tried finding somewhere that I could do this. FINALLY, I found this genius of a website:

    All you have to do is upload your font file (TTF) then hit the COVERT button. Voila! It even gives you the stinkin CSS code!

    I put the code in and it seems to work! Obviously I had to install the font onto my PC, so I'm not sure how it looks to all of you.... but, before I started all of this (but after the font download) my blog still didn't appear correctly on IE & Safari. NOW, all three browsers show my 'Pea Amy Sue' font just fine. PLEASE let me know if it looks OK to all of you. It's very frustrating to have inconsistencies with something you work hard on!

    Thanks a bunch!

  8. @panaghiotisadam I forgot to reply to you... I didn't try her way because it appears it will only work on Blogger. PLUS, this way (my way) was much, much easier. I just hope it worked!

  9. No problem. But I 'm sorry to tell you that now I see Verdana in both Firefox and Safari (on a Mac), and substitute fonts for post titles. Same thing in IE/PC.

  10. @imaprile
    I have also tried two different PCs. I used Firefox 3.5.7 and IE8 and I got the same results as Panos did.

  11. Me too. I'm using FF 3.5.7.

    You haven't actually blogged in several days. My advice is to take this effort you're pouring into formatting and put it aside for awhile to concentrate on blogging and learning CSS. Then you won't have the four or five different fonts on your front page that I see, your blogroll won't be cut off by your other widgets, and you will rise steadily in readership. Puttering around with fonts will NEVER increase your readership or effectiveness.

  12. I read that I had to upload the TTF & EOT files to a server. So, I uploaded to and inserted the URL where the CSS code told me to. (this was just 5 min ago) Is it still messing up?

    If you saw how it's SUPPOSED to look, you'd want to get this fixed too.

    @raincoaster, I appreciate your advice however, I've had these ideas of how I wanted my blog to look for awhile now, and for the most part I've succeeded, yet this darn font thing has taken ALOT longer to deal with than I thought. Please understand, as of this morning, I'm telling everyone to check out my "new blog" only to have ppl tell me it looks nothing like I described. So, I have to try to fix it. For me. No one else. Trust me on that. This is my personal hobby.

    I know it CAN BE done based on what I've read, I'm just in the process of getting it to work.

    Thanks for all your help!

  13. Congratulations - now titles and main body are in the same font. Trebuchet.

  14. No congrats necessary; it's not what I want. It's just settling for now. :)
    I'm thinking it's a simple CSS coding error on my part? I'm doing it exactly as it appears on tutorials.

    I have a feeling devblog would know... he's helped me on everything else! :)
    (I know this can be done... it's just a matter of figuring out how)

    VERY frustrating.

  15. In fact, what you want may NOT be possible at We do not have unlimited access to the CSS. That said, you're right: if it's doable, Devblog would know how.

  16. @imaprile
    Here's a link to a free web page analyzer you may want to use.

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