The fonts have changed on my homepage

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    What has happened to my home page? The fonts have changed and spacing between lines on headings and in the tag cloud have changed, but only on the home page. Not just the posts but also the blurb in the sidebar. The other pages are fine. Also when I go to a view of the page from edit it looks fine but not the finished product.



    there are miscellaneous HTML errors starting from the post caused by applied font style (font-size:11pt;color:windowtext;font-family:’Comic Sans MS’) and some WP bug related with ‘More’ text tag.

    I’d suggest first to remove all text formatting applied.


    Thank you options. I’m a bit of a amateur when it comes to the technicalities so I appreciate your help. It’s now resolved. Phil


    Thanks. It’s now resolved.



    no problems, Phil.

    thanks for updating — glad to know about issue has been resolved.



    I suddenly have this same problem, without having made any changes such as a new post or editing a post…

    Any ideas on how I can resolve this?

    Everywhere, not just on my home page (including the header), the fonts are increased in size and are now bold.

    Any help appreciated…



    Wherever you last made a change to fonts is the place to look. You have probably left a closing tag out. Using a firefox browser I don’t see the problem in the blog linked to your username.
    Please provide a link to the blog in question.
    Also state which browser and version of it you are using.



    That’s odd… that’s where the problem is:

    I’m using Maxthon 1.6.1 browser (based on IE).

    Thanks for taking a look at this…



    You’re welcome. :)



    I discovered the solution… it must have been a browser problem. In Maxthon, I set the font size to small (which was too small) and then reset to medium font size, and that seems to have fixed it. Maybe time to switch to Firefox (although I really feel comfortable with Maxthon)…

    Thanks timethief for letting me thieve your time…



    I’m really glad to hear your figured this out. You’re welcome. :)



    Hello There,
    I just came accross the same problem. I copied some text from word but on public view it looked different to all the rest of my entries, so I went back to edit the text to it’s old font and saved it. Now ALL my blog entries are in this italic style and also the FAVOURITES on the right side bar.

    Can you please help me? My address: and I use Firefox as a browser window.


    This is a case of an italics tag that has not been closed. Edit the post again and in Code view. Locate the open italic tag <em> and insert a close italics tag </em> from where it’s currently missing. Once you have done this all will be restored to normal.
    If you continue to use Word you will continue to have problems. If you use a plain text editor like Notepad this will “cure” the problem Word is creating with all those formatting tags.



    Ahhhh that looks good again. Thanks a lot.


    I’m glad I could help. You’re welcome :)

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